November 06, 2015

BALMAIN x H&M's Private Shopping Event

Last night, i had the chance to attend the exclusive shopping event for the launch of the Balmain x H&M collection at their flagship store on Ste-Catherine. My +1 was my husband and we even brought Carson along (Thank you dear PR agency, i love you and yes sometimes, you can still somewhat do the same things you did before becoming a parent...unless your child is sick and you need to force quit all things planned huhuhuuuu bigbang concerttttt).

people who set-up camp, ready to spend a night out in the city

On the invitation, it said the even starts at 7pm, but just in case, we got there around 6ish. We arrived and there was already a small line-up wrapping around the corner of Peel street. I thought the line was for the event so we went to the back and waited about half a minute until a man from the PR agency came around and asked if there was anyone invited to the private event. He escorted us along another guest to the front of the store to check us in and give us bracelets with our allotted time. We were part of the 2nd batch of shoppers, 7:15 was our key time. They allowed 10 minutes for each group to shop and then you were directed to the dressing rooms. During that time, the employees took the unwanted items from the dressing rooms to put back on the floor before the next group came in to shop - the 5 minutes in between each group was specifically for that. we were behind 4-5 people behind the gate and once the man came near us to ask to show our bracelets and to let us in, people were already pushing us in the back. My husband had Carson in his arms and the guys behind him still pushed them. We had to shout "CALM DOWN!" a few times but they still ignored our words. One of the employee had to yell "HEY!! There's a man with a child here!!! CALM DOWN and DON'T PUSH, everyone's gonna go in!!!"

my magic bracelet

the crowd was pumped and ready to shopped

all Carson focused on was the dj and his equipment. he couldn't care less about anything else that was brewing around him.

anyone who's a someone or who knew a someone in mtl.

with our bracelets ready, we took place in front of the entrance of the Balmain area. there were only these people in front of me for my time slot, the rest were all behind.

We had a strategy and i had consulted with my husband on the items i absolutely wanted him to get and the ones he wanted. We were pretty much on the same page with the must-get items. Since i only wanted the oversized wool coat and he had to carry Carson in his arms (the whole time because we just don't trust the rest of the people), i put him on that mission. I am quicker and move more easily in between the other men (giants) around me. Once i was in, i fast-walked to the right area and grabbed all the items from our list in the right sizes. All i was missing was the biker skinnies for the husband and those were long gone even though we were only the second batch in. After our group entered, to my surprise, there was no pushing, pulling or any physical contact at all. My husband came to meet me in the men's area with a jacket in hand, he said there was only a size 6 and 12 left, so he took the smallest. There was nothing else i wanted, but since we finished our round before the 10 minutes was up, i decided to pop in the ladies' area for a last glance. Thank god i did because i had the chance to grad the last size 2 of the jacket. Before we headed out of the Balmain area, they cut our bracelets and let us go upstairs to try our items on. we were the only ones in the dressing rooms and had all the time in the world. Once your were out, you could take your time to enjoy drinks and bouchées they served. We were at the cash by 7:45 to pay for our things and received 2 special beanies as gift with our purchase.

Overall, the pieces of this collection were really well made. I found the quality to be exceeding that of the previous collaborations. I still can't say that i would be able to justify a 700$ beaded jacket, but we were able to find a lot of pieces that are more affordable in the men's side.

Overall, it was a very productive night and i am so happy of the outcome. I came for one thing, got what i wanted and almost everything in my husband's list and was in the car heading home by 8ish. We could have stayed and enjoy drinks and the music a little while longer but it was near bedtime for Carson and so we left.

I wanted to give the PR agency that took care of this event a big shoutout. They did an incredible job planning the whole thing. Everyone who was working knew exactly what they had to do and how to handle everything. GREAT great job!! And thanks again for letting us be part of this.

See below for other items that bear striking resemblance to the current pieces of the Balmain line:

@ net-a-porter
@ Harrods
@ ssense
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