November 27, 2013

Something Orange: Reveal

i posted this pic above on instagram a week ago and forgot to do the reveal. it's something i've wanted for a long time and finally took the plunge. Thank god for birthday money! hehe

Hermes Heure H (mm)
it might look very boring for some people, but i like its simplicity and timeless appeal.
what i also really like about the Heure H is it allows you to change bracelet when you want to. you can purchase it in a different leather/color (and change it yourself with the little tool provided) which gives the watch a new personality completely.


Emily P said...

that is a lovely gift to yourself!

lisa said...

omgosh soooo so gorgy it looks beautiful on your wrist! i love the Gold H so pretty!!! not the point of this post but cannot get over your cartier wedding band so pretty!!! hehehe

mqueenie said...

thanks, love!! long time no see/talk/comment!!

mqueenie said...

it's actually from bday money i received from my mother and hubby! thank you!!

gartherm said...

Did you get the MM or the TGM? The size looks perfect for you!