November 14, 2013


I had the honor of being invited to the Isabel Marant x H&M pre-sale Tuesday night. It was a press event with a tight guest list, so I expected people to be civilized. I think I had too many expectations. IT WAS CHAOS. 

The event was to start at 7pm; there was a line-up around the corner when I got there at 6:45. The line wasn't as bad as the Jimmy Choo x H&M event a few years ago though, but it’s invites only this time, so we can't really compare. The hosts opened the door at 7 sharp and we quickly got in. my guest, lovely CS, got there after I had entered the store and she called me saying she was right at the entrance. I plunged back in the sea of incoming famished fashionistas and grabbed her by the arm to get her inside. Once we got the right section, I saw clothes flying left and right and high above me. My head was spinning and that's when I realized I needed to grab some thing and fast. Everything happened in a heartbeat. I caught 2 black biker skinnies (sizes 4 and 8 because I never actually bought pants at H&M so I don’t know what size I am) just because they were the last 2 hanging on the rack. There’s definitely an advantage to be short(er than most people), because it's kind of an automatic ninja mode. After the pants, I wanted to get some things from the men's section, but forget it, everything was basically gone already. Our shopping time was not limited and we had no bracelets to restrain us, so after the men's, I roamed around a bit and found 3 different sweatshirts. With all those items in hand, I met up with CS and it was time to head to the fitting rooms. SAs were running back and forth with unwanted items to put back on the floor as fast as possible. We tried to spot things in their arms and kept asking them what sizes the items were. They were surprisingly nice even in the madness. Props to them for keeping their cool. I was so happy so see the biker skinnies in the size 4  fit me like a glove. They had no stretch but were comfy and most importantly, they were made to be cropped, so that means the inseam grazes my ankles and I don’t need to hem them. Those reasons were enough for me to shed 129$. I chose 1 of the sweatshirts for hubby and out I went. As I got out of the changing rooms, SAs were ready to get the stuff off my hands to put them back. One of them quickly asked me which items I intended to keep so I said the biker pants and the grey sweatshirt. She grabbed the items and ran back in the crowd. CS and I decided to go 1 last round before going to the cash. While we waited, CS spotted the tuxedo jacket in her size abandoned on a pile of socks. Tried it on, loved it and she kept it. That was a very lucky find. She looked so good in it! I paid for my items; they gave me an Isabel Marant x H&M muffler as a bonus and put everything in a cute tie dye tote made just for the event. 

Fast forward the junk food dinner we had and some browsing at Indigo, I get home and first thing I wanted to do was to take a look at the pants I bought earlier (yes I liked them that much). To my horror, the SA at the cabins took my size and left me with the wrong one to buy!!! At that moment, I just wanted to break down and cry. The worst part is I think I saw my pants while we did our last round. And I just left it there because I thought I already had one in hand. Why do I have to live with such a tragic ending to an otherwise, exciting evening?

I would like to thank H&M Canada for the privilege, it was crazy but awesome nonetheless. Although we did not have enough time to enjoy any of the canap├ęs served, we still had a very good time. 

Did you line up this morning for the launch? let me know which items you bought. 


LC said...

snatched up a pair of the sweatpants and the tank online! hope they fit!

Iris Nguyen said...

Hi queenie,

It's lovely to see you blog again. The pant is a solid choice. I'm sorry about the mishandling. Did you manage to get an exchange?
I didn't line up for H&M collaboration this time. I love the vibe but it does not fit me. I onced queue for Marni for H&M, and it was the same kind of madness with no return for a last check. The designer fit is usually very off compared to a normal H&M fit. So the whole experience is kind of hassle to me.
I prefer to go to private sample sale, take my time to try on real beautiful pieces and pay for less.

mqueenie said...

Hi Iris,
thank you for your continuous support!! i did return them and left with a kids hoodie. On monday, my friend, "pictured" in this post, gave me the right pant in the right as a present for my birthday. i dont know how she managed to find a pair but she did, which i'm super thankful for. yeah i dont get the sizing either. sometimes i'm a 2 and other times i'm a 8. when it comes to H&M, i really really have to try the garment on to know if i should buy or not.

mqueenie said...

it sucks so bad that they dont ship to Canada!!