March 19, 2013

Paysanne Gelato

whenever i passed by Paysanne Gelato in the eaton centre, it's always super crowded and i told myself i have to have a taste someday. i did and since then, it's always a must for me whenever i see one. OMFG this is amazeballs!!! my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME flavor is Strawberry Yogurt. it tastes like childhood in a cup. i dont even know why. super yummy and i like to believe this is better for my health (and weight) than ice cream. :)

we were shopping on saturday and of course i had to have my little Paysanne Gelato cup. it was different this time because a reader of mine was behind the counter! :D Hallo!! here's your post and it was nice seeing you!!

check out their locations on their website and
you MUST give it a try.


LittoMokaa said...

Ommg I love their pistachio flavor!! So amazing :D

Eunice Lieu said...

hahaha it was nice seeing you too! next time make sure to try new flavors! :) & little tip... diabetic chocolate actually taste like fudge!

Hannah said...

Queenie! You posted a post! Hahaha, I always check to see if you've posted. ( ;

Vy said...

Omg, I used to read your blog a few years back and then stuff happened and I stopped reading. I remember I started to read your blog around the time you just got engaged and I was still living in Toronto. Now I'm in Montreal and you have a son! It's crazy how things have changed! So here's a late congratulation on a healthy baby boy!!! =)