February 08, 2013

Thank You

A special post to thank S.D. There is still hope for this world.
Dickens Bear will be loved.

Queenie xox


Sarania said...

0MMMGG, am i seeing things? your twitter display looks like you were getting marry!!!!!! i follow your blog and how did i miss that???

mqueenie said...

hey ya! i did get married!! in 2011. i never posted pictures on the blog just because it took more than 17 months to get them..and i'm not even loving them. that's why!

sarania said...

but your engagement pictures looked amazing. how can they not make ur wedding picture amazing as well? u should complain or do something about it. my friend is getting marry and he is searching all over the web for "reviews" of photographer and videographer. he said he could not find. it's a very important day after all