January 31, 2013


there's probably only one person on this planet who would post about xmas pressies this late. since i have a baby to take care of, i can put the blame on motherhood, right? ;)

anyways, xmas this year was spectacular. i received 2 pairs of Loubies. the first pair is Corneille Sling. i had tried these on when i was super pregnant and couldnt buy them since i didnt know if my shoe size was going to stay the same after delivery. these are a present from my little sister. they have a pointy toe but the toebox more forgiving than Pigalle. they feel very comfortable on.

the second pair is the Lady Holt Trash from the 175th anniversary of Holt Renfrew. these are my highest heels up to date but once again, they are not uncomfortable even if they're 150mm high. this was the second part of my bday present and part xmas present. i feel extremely blessed.

in case you were wondering, these espadrille from the cruise collection were the 1st part of my bday gift. i can't wait to wear them out!!

besides the shoes above, i bought myself a pair of ballet flats. i've always wanted a pair. they're simple yet very chic looking. they're actually navy and black, so they can easily be paired with most of my clothes.

last but not least, i scored these on sale at Zara. red leather and gold studs, what's there not to love? they feel very Valentino Rocktud but for probably 1/10 of the price. very comfortable height for running around with the little one.

since we're on the shoe subject, i have something i need to admit. a while ago, i tweeted about how i hated the sneaker wedge shoe trend. they just looked fugly to me. i learned my lesson, NEVER say 'never'!!! i was at topshop at the Bay last weekend, while i was browsing sales racks, hubby sat in front of the shoe wall and pointed at a pair. he told me they were nice/cute and asked me to try them on. i was skeptical but he pushed me to try them on. i did. and. i liked. the. look. omg i wanted to shoot myself. usually, when i wear sneakers, my legs just look short and stubby. these shoes have a wedge hidden inside, so my legs look the same as when i'm wearing heels. now the big question, when is this trend going to die? should i get the pair from topshop or invest in the real deal from Isabel Marant?

isabel marant 'wila'

isabel marant 'bayley'
isabel marant 'bekett'

thank you for reading!! xox

January 06, 2013


I've had instagram for so long but it was on private. Got nothing to hide so i recently set it to public. It's much easier to post pictures than to write a blog post. I will get back on blogger soon...just not now, so lazyyy. In the meantime, you can follow me on instagram [ @mqueenie ] for daily doses of randomness! ^^

Ending the post with recent pictures of the little one! ^3^