December 11, 2012

November in a nutshell

so...what happened in November? MY BESTIES OF ALL TIME GOT HITCHED!!! yayyyy their big day was 10.11.12! =D even if we're already mid december, i felt like i needed to do a shout out on my blog so the world can share their joy too!
they were so busy and because we couldn't spend the whole day with them, i barely have any pictures of/with them. *le sigh

outfit for the reception in the evening
blazer: zara
bustier dress: bcbg
clutch: bcbg
pearl necklace: borrowed from my mother
earrings: chanel
his outfit
suit: zara
shirt w/ leatherette collar: zara
pocket square: blick
scarf: zara
dress shoes: hugo boss

2 of our silly photobooth pictures that night

CARSON's pictures in November! yay!!

he changes in every picture, it's crazy!
fish print onesie: baby gap
tshirt: burberry
trousers: burberry
shoes: baby mexx
dinosaur footie: baby gap
plush hat: baby gap
plush booties: baby gap
pacifier: born free
his favorite hat!
plush hat: baby gap
skateboard footie: pekkle
donning his 'stache for movember!
velour footie: baby gap
bib: h&m

QUEENIE picture update!
i turned a year older! i had a total of 4 birthday celebrations this year.
maybe i should start looking into wrinkle prevention products..before it's too late.
i selca a lot less now. my phone's full of carson's pictures! here are 2. O_O

thank you for reading..and sorry guys, if i dont update as often as before. i hope you understand!


yy said...

your son is sooo cute! uber adorable! happy family! =)

Jade said...

You look fabulous!! What is your secret to lose your weight so fast post-pregnancy?? Carson is such a cutie, he looks so much like your hubby. :)

Jennifer Huang said...

Omg your body looks amazing~ :O And Carson is SOOOOOOOOOO adorable *A*

miemiemie said...

lovely as always! your baby is so cute!!! congrats once again :)

mqueenie said...

breastfeeding helped a lot. i still have a few lbs to lose though. i haven't really had the chance to exercise aside from doing some yoga dvds. i plan to run once it gets a little warmer out.

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

You look so pretty ^_^ Lovely!