October 31, 2012

1st Halloween

Happy Halloween!


Jennie said...

Ahh too cute! Happy Halloween to you and your family too Queenie!

Jennifer Huang said...

Happy Halloween to you & your family Queenie ^^

LC said...

happy halloween to your beautiful family! your little boy is so so cute!

Anita said...

Your family restaurant is featured in a food blog!
Congrats :D

On the baby and the success of the family restaurant (:

petrina said...

What a lovely family shot! Your LO looks so cute :)

mqueenie said...

hey Anita, thank you for the link! we dont advertise and solely depend on word of mouth, so it is amazing that people even take time to write about us on the net. i showed this to my father (chef/owner) and he was so excited.

thanks again!