August 19, 2012

Surprising the Husband!

a few months ago, when i sent my wallet for repair, Long also checked if his Damier Graphite Multiple wallet could be reglazed as well. he was disappointed when our SA said once the canvas is cracked, there was no way to refurbish it to a better state. we got that wallet while vacationing in Hong Kong back in 2009, so it's been 3 years already. i guess men's wallets should expect a shorter life than women's since they get rubbed inside jean pockets and they get sit on all the time. it was time for a change, but unfortunately, nothing available pleased him. there was no way he was gonna dish out money to get the same one again, that's for sure. he definitely wanted to stay away from the regular monogram and he found the Epi and Utah weren't age appropriate. the rest was just blahhh. so he decided to go on and use his old wallet until something nice comes out.

last week, my aunt from LA came to visit and while shopping with her, i casually asked my SA if anything new in terms of men's wallets recently came out. our 1st wedding anniversary is coming right up and i thought it would be nice if i could get one for him. i honestly wasn't expecting much when i asked her because i noticed before that they don't update their men's stuff too often. to my surprise, she said she had something in the back store that she wasn't supposed to show yet because the official release date was August 15th. when she showed me, i fell in love with it. she offered to hold it for me until the release date (they only had 2), i just had to give her a call to confirm. next day, i called her because i was sure he was going to love it as much as i did. i told her i'd only be able to pick it up on the 16th since i had my monthly check up that morning. she said it was no problem, she's always so accommodating with me and i really appreciate it.

as promised, i had my appointment at the hospital at 8:30, got to the boutique at 10 sharp to pick it up and flew back to the office for 11. i was so excited the whole day and just couldn't wait to see his reaction. i teased him all day with pictures of the packaging and he just had no idea what the gift could be and i think he was pretty annoyed that i was so persistent on keeping it a surprise until the end of the day. when we got home, he ran to my handbag and just grabbed the brown shopping bag out without hesitation. he looked like a kid on xmas morning!

the pictures below were taken LIVE while he was opening the box:

HE LOVES IT!! he said it was the perfect wallet! sophisticated without looking old. and the most important thing is it's all leather so no worries about it cracking like the coated canvas.
presenting his new wallet: Multiple wallet in Damier Infini [color Onyx]
we dropped by the boutique to get it hotstamped today :D he's totally in love with it, but he refuses to use it until the real anniversary date.

i love you bb ^^


Angela C L Gee said...

:O my brother has your husband's old wallet! His wallet is cracked too D: I guess he can't get it fixed like he thinks he can..

adriyah said...

It's so nice!!! OMG Can I ask how much? Thinking of surprising the husband too since it's almost his birthday :) But I'm not sure yet what to give.

mqueenie said...

hey Adriyah!! the wallet was 625$CAD (we have really high sales tax though), on the US website, i saw it for 665$USD. a wallet is always a nice present!! my husband really loved it and i hope it pleases yours too if you get it!! :D

mqueenie said...

awww i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :( if the glazing is peeled, yet the coated canvas is still intact, then you can have it reglazed. Once the coated canvas is cracked, there's really no way for them to repair it. so sorry!

Lisa Chen said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww HEART THIS! i love how excited your hubs was :) i've been looking for a wallet for the hubs too.. and the one you got him is amaze.. i might get this for the hubs too bahahaha!!!

mqueenie said...

GET IT GET IT GET ITTTTT!!! it's really nice irl, the leather is supah soft too!! <3

Sheislovely said...

Awwww how sweet of you!! That wallet looks amazing! I got my Hubs his LV wallet during our honeymoon in Maui and he LOVED it. It's the damier print as well and I got it hot stamped and everything but he only wants to use it on "occasions" b/c he's afraid of the canvas wearing off as well... lol

xo - Sheila

mqueenie said...

it's sweet of you as well!! tell your hubby to wear his wallet more often, but when he sees the glaze peeling, to send it right away and not wait for the canvas to crack!! it's such a waste to keep such a gorgy present from wifey in a box!! :D