August 02, 2012

Mini Him

there are on-going sales all over the place, so i really couldn't help but pick these 2 tops up for ChoomBb. he'll definitely be a mini Long...i can sense it already. hubby keeps telling me to stop buying...but really, when baby clothes are so cute, HOW does one stop???

honestly, i rarely buy branded items for ChoomBb, usually it's the basic H&M, Zara and Gap. When i encounter sales, hehe that's a different story. :D

ChoomBb also received this newborn gift set from Auntie! how adorable is this???


Jennifer Huang said...

Super cute! I can't wait to see your baby :D He's going to look so skuxx w/ all his new baby clothes! ^^

Cindy said...

iLike choombb's clothes! I also splurge a little bit, but make sure i buy the more costly ones at bigger sizes coz they say bb outgrows them super fast.
Btw i was told bb needs average 4 sets of clothes on a daily basis. If u dun plan to wash them everyday, then better to prepare 20-30sets of new born sizes

Lisa Chen said...

omgosh the royal blue burberry shirt is soooooooooooooooooo cute! the color is amazing! and that burberry coat. DIE! so gorgeous!

mqueenie said...

the color of the polo is really gorgeous in real life! i find the picture doesnt do it justice!! i can't wait until ChoomBb can wear it out!!! and yeahhhhh the quilted jacket!!! i want 1 for mee!! lol

mqueenie said...

yeah, i've been buying things in different sizes too. we can never estimate the growth rate of a child, thats what ppl told me. my parents and Long scold me so much for buying things too early!! :( i cant help it, baby clothing is my current weakness!! heheh

4 on a DAILY basis?? whatttt omg i dont think i even have 20 and the husband complains all the time. he said there's no purpose of buying in advance! we'll judge when bb's here!

mqueenie said...

i can't wait to dress him up and just take millions of pictures!! hehehe