August 31, 2012

Baby Fave: Jellycat

 Cordy Roy Lion, Love You Elephant, Cordy Roy Rhino

i can't get enough of Jellycat stuffed toys and i keep wanting to buy more!!
Mumbles Billy Bear, Bon Bon Bear
and the cutesttttt ever Bashful Bunny booties!!

August 28, 2012

Something New [Reveal]

while we were waiting for his wallet to be hotstamped the other weekend, the hubby started to wander around to the men's department. i had no problem with's just browsing right? because he's not one to be interested in manbags, we don't need any carry-ons for the time being (can't travel with this huge belly, and won't be traveling for a while with a young infant!) and the shoes are never in stock in his size. i envisioned no possible harm. boy was i wrong. he found something to make him break his own ban (we are too alike, it's quite creepy).
somehow, he's found something he's been looking for his size (surprising!)...
something low-cut (not a dress!! lol)...something subtle (no flashy mono)

ok ok no more teasing! here are his Heroes sneakers in Damier Graphite.
truth be told, they're very nice shoes. and as all things vuitton, the craftsmanship is impeccable. you can barely tell the brand when worn with jeans! he's been looking for a pair like this for the longest time and i'm glad he can finally end his quest. i had no choice but to let him buy these, if he didn't get them that day, i didn't think he was going to be able to sleep that night.

just because i haven't posted pix of him in a he is! :D
 wearing his 2012 sunnies
enjoying his sorbet ^^

August 23, 2012


baby/kids clothing are SO ADORABLE these days!! i wanna buy everything. need to secretly head in store to check things out. i have to be really ninja about it because the husband doesn't want me to buy more clothes for ChoomBb! haha

and the ultimate cuteeeeeness moncler baby jacket

August 21, 2012

Pregnancy REAL TALK

32 weeks and a few days

it's getting HEAVY now!!! i can still walk like a normal person, but i feel like i dont walk like i used to. it's so weird and i dont know how to put it otherwise. sleeping has been a real pain in the butt. i used to have naps throughout the 1st and 2nd trimester, but now it's hard to fall asleep because i just dont know how to position myself anymore. i'm supposed to sleep on the left side, but whenever i do, i feel like ChoomBB's not comfortable because he keeps poking out on the opposite side. i cannot and i'm not supposed to be lying on my back yeah, sleep has been difficult lately. people around me keep telling me how i didn't look like i gained any weight aside from the belly, but in fact, at my last check-up, the nurse brought me back to reality and told me my current weight. i almost fainted. "it's gonna be alright" i often tell myself, i vowed to hit the treadmill and hot yoga classes as soon as my body heals. -_____-" I'm at 33 weeks today and i just can't wait to see him! i hear all the misery and pain will disappear as soon as the baby is born. i hope it's true. :| oh yeah, i'm still working and will do so until September 21st. i hope I'll make it through without breaking my water at the office.

i had a maternity photoshoot last weekend, and these pictures were taken before the photographers came to my house. it feels good to get dolled up once in a while...especially during rougher times. :)

peace outtttt xox ^^

August 19, 2012

Surprising the Husband!

a few months ago, when i sent my wallet for repair, Long also checked if his Damier Graphite Multiple wallet could be reglazed as well. he was disappointed when our SA said once the canvas is cracked, there was no way to refurbish it to a better state. we got that wallet while vacationing in Hong Kong back in 2009, so it's been 3 years already. i guess men's wallets should expect a shorter life than women's since they get rubbed inside jean pockets and they get sit on all the time. it was time for a change, but unfortunately, nothing available pleased him. there was no way he was gonna dish out money to get the same one again, that's for sure. he definitely wanted to stay away from the regular monogram and he found the Epi and Utah weren't age appropriate. the rest was just blahhh. so he decided to go on and use his old wallet until something nice comes out.

last week, my aunt from LA came to visit and while shopping with her, i casually asked my SA if anything new in terms of men's wallets recently came out. our 1st wedding anniversary is coming right up and i thought it would be nice if i could get one for him. i honestly wasn't expecting much when i asked her because i noticed before that they don't update their men's stuff too often. to my surprise, she said she had something in the back store that she wasn't supposed to show yet because the official release date was August 15th. when she showed me, i fell in love with it. she offered to hold it for me until the release date (they only had 2), i just had to give her a call to confirm. next day, i called her because i was sure he was going to love it as much as i did. i told her i'd only be able to pick it up on the 16th since i had my monthly check up that morning. she said it was no problem, she's always so accommodating with me and i really appreciate it.

as promised, i had my appointment at the hospital at 8:30, got to the boutique at 10 sharp to pick it up and flew back to the office for 11. i was so excited the whole day and just couldn't wait to see his reaction. i teased him all day with pictures of the packaging and he just had no idea what the gift could be and i think he was pretty annoyed that i was so persistent on keeping it a surprise until the end of the day. when we got home, he ran to my handbag and just grabbed the brown shopping bag out without hesitation. he looked like a kid on xmas morning!

the pictures below were taken LIVE while he was opening the box:

HE LOVES IT!! he said it was the perfect wallet! sophisticated without looking old. and the most important thing is it's all leather so no worries about it cracking like the coated canvas.
presenting his new wallet: Multiple wallet in Damier Infini [color Onyx]
we dropped by the boutique to get it hotstamped today :D he's totally in love with it, but he refuses to use it until the real anniversary date.

i love you bb ^^

August 17, 2012

Like Mother, like Daughter

now i understand why my mother prefers sling bags over hand held or shoulder bags. it frees your hand and it's fuss free. i get it now...being preggers and all, my shoulders get tired a lot easier and faster than they used to. i'm postponing usage of all handhelds and shoulders bags for the time being.

we came across this super cute Cole Haan sling bag when we browsed at The Bay last weekend. i loved the wingtip detailing and the size was just perfect to fit my chanel wallet, iphone and my pressed powder. lucky me, this bag was on sale, there was an additional 30% off and an extra 10%. the hubby bought it for me! ;D yayyy!

snatch the brown version here !

August 02, 2012

Mini Him

there are on-going sales all over the place, so i really couldn't help but pick these 2 tops up for ChoomBb. he'll definitely be a mini Long...i can sense it already. hubby keeps telling me to stop buying...but really, when baby clothes are so cute, HOW does one stop???

honestly, i rarely buy branded items for ChoomBb, usually it's the basic H&M, Zara and Gap. When i encounter sales, hehe that's a different story. :D

ChoomBb also received this newborn gift set from Auntie! how adorable is this???

August 01, 2012

ZARAFALL12SHOELUST life is depending on it.

Nursery Inspiration

this is the actual collage i did for ChoomBB's nursery! i had many versions, but this is the final one! we didn't really set a budget for the room just because we are first time parents and have no idea what everything will cost. after thorough research (window shopping/web surfing lol), we decided to splurge a little more on the crib and changing station/chest of drawers and go full on ikea for the rest. it was really a challenge for me to do a little boy's room because every bit of inspiration i collected from the beginning were all princess type rooms. -__-"

for those interested, here's the list of everything you see on the collage:
crib: AP Industries Neo
mattress: n/a
sheet: n/a
chest of drawers:  AP Industries Element
storage on wheels: Ikea Raskog (it's actually a kitchen cart, but i'm doubling it as a diaper/lotion storage)
shelving unit (from our old office): Ikea Expedit
wall lighting (from my old vanity): Broadway Vanity fixture
frames: Ikea Ribba, Ikea Virserum
curtains: Ikea Vitaminer
baby bouncer: Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance in pinstripe
sheepskin: Ikea Rens
baby video monitor: AngelCare AC1100 video/sound/movement
mesh storage boxes: Ikea Kusiner
floor lamp: Ikea Basisk (w/ black base)
wall decals: Ikea Slatthult
laundry bin: Ikea Kusiner (in turquoise)
hangers: Ikea Bagis
blanket: Ikea Vitaminer

when picking the paint color, i definitely wanted to stay away from the traditional baby blue. in the end, we picked out a real turquoise for the main wall and went 3 tones lighter for the balance of the room. at first, i wanted the accent color to be a light orange, but Long told me to go a touch more colorful to make the space more lively.
there are not many fitted sheets i like on the market, so i'm planning on making some! let's see if i can bring this project to term. hahaha

so the inspiration board is one thing....and getting things done is a different story. This is how messy the nursery is right now. *le sigh* thank god next week is vacation for both me and Long...we'll try to get things done.

what do you guys think?