July 26, 2012

Brother from another Mother!

i'm a frequent reader of Montreal in Style's and recently, i saw a post on the blog about new Aldo shoes coming out this fall. i couldn't help but notice some striking resemblances to other shoes i've seen before. had a little fun doing this collage for comparison purposes. what do you think? do the shoes look similar enough to be long lost siblings?
Louboutin here / Aldo (hitting stores in October)

Louboutin here / Aldo here
Louboutin here / Aldo here
Miu Miu here / Aldo (in stores in October)

image credits: Montreal in Style (tagged on pictures), Barneys, Aldo Shoes, net-a-porter, Neiman Marcus.


Alicia Cheung said...

OUUU son belles quand meme :) its a great way to get a look alike style at a afffordable price :) lol jaime ton ptit montage!

mqueenie said...

les collages sont toujours fun a faire!! hehe mais oui en effet c'est une bonne maniere de sauver de l'argent. ce que j'aime pas, c'est quand ils font copie conforme avec la semelle rouge aussi. sinon tout est ok!