July 30, 2012

July 27, 2012

ChoomBB Update!

oh hey ya! look who's up there!! we went for a 4D ultrasound last friday to see our little miracle. he was sleeping and facing my back the whole session! not only that, he sleeps with both hands hiding his face. the few seconds he moved his hands out of the way, the technician snapped a few good shots for us. i'm so happy we finally got to see him. from the picture, it seems like ChoomBb has his grandfather's nose and his daddy's mouth/lips. T____T" he has no "me" on him whatsoever. we'll see when he's here! i still have hope. :D
28 Weeks Belly, front view
[jcrew tee: similar/ thyme maternity leggings / CL Rolando]
Side view O_O
on another day, that same week.
thank god all my old wildfox tees are all A-line shaped.

i'm currently at 29 weeks and a few days.
bonus! teehee!

Pregnant & NEKKID

when the beautiful is beautiful even when pregnant...it makes the average pregnant lady feel like ___!

cr: fashionista

July 26, 2012

Brother from another Mother!

i'm a frequent reader of Montreal in Style's and recently, i saw a post on the blog about new Aldo shoes coming out this fall. i couldn't help but notice some striking resemblances to other shoes i've seen before. had a little fun doing this collage for comparison purposes. what do you think? do the shoes look similar enough to be long lost siblings?
Louboutin here / Aldo (hitting stores in October)

Louboutin here / Aldo here
Louboutin here / Aldo here
Miu Miu here / Aldo (in stores in October)

image credits: Montreal in Style (tagged on pictures), Barneys, Aldo Shoes, net-a-porter, Neiman Marcus.

Past + Present

 what used to be

if you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you should know by now that we are expecting! when a baby is in the works, things change, for the better most of the time. one of the main focus for us was the nursery..i gave up my 2nd room/walk-in closet and moved it to our office. i don't know why i didn't think it through when we first set it up. it was nice and airy...but the room was just too big for a walk-in. when the switch has been made, i felt like it belonged in the smaller space. when i walk in there, there's this feeling of coziness that just makes me wanna stay in there and try on some shoes for hours or something.
the vanity, then

this is how things look now:
things look a little squished on the shelf, but other than that, the space is just perfect. up on the walls i have sweaters/jackets, the bottom left row is all hoodies (don't judge), top right is blouses/shirts and bottom right is all tees! the dresses are hanging in the closet, with my wedding gown and the other shoe shelves.
:) one of my shoe racks. the rest of the shoes are in the actual closet (on the right)
the new vanity space :D

i'm so thrilledddd every time i go in there! i was thinking about adding shaggy rug in the middle. that way, the floor wont be ruined when i try on shoes! what do you guys think?

July 16, 2012

Summer Spots

seeing how i kept complaining about my flip flops being uncomfortable, while browsing downtown last weekend, the hubby picked these out for me. nude patent leather + pony leopard print + small wedge heel, what a fun combination for the warm season!
 buy the same ones: shopbop / zappos
or the mint version: ssense


Hello Monica Ho, you are the winner of my Shoppingholics Circle Lens giveaway!!
Congratulations!! please email your personal information to misssqueenie[at]gmail[dot]com so i can forward it to Shoppingholics :D

July 07, 2012

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU mv


July 05, 2012

Bad Girl!

I broke my own ban!! BUT BUT BUT...i had a good reason to, i promise! i told myself i'd get only one pair of red soled hotness/year (every spring). This year was the first year and i received the Bianca 140 from the dear husband. His money is kinda like my own so it was going to be my 2012 pair. Since i can't wear them yet due to my pregnant self, they are now just sitting pretty in my shoe closet for me to admire.

We went to Toronto for a short weekend escape and shopped around a little. I saw these on display and didn't think too much of it until i tried them on (i had tried Une Plume Pollock back home and my feet did NOT fit in them at all, so i didn't expect much with these either). To my surprise, they fit true to my size and my feet looked kinda awesome in them...so you know..with it being a wedge and all, safety wise, they shouldn't be a problem for a pregnant lady, right? i convinced him to let me buy them. :D

[on a side note, i wont be posting the rest of my TO buys since i've worn everything already. lol i can name them though: a bunch of Rilakkuma stuff (including the stuffed toy in the pictures), JCrew boat neck painter's tee, JCrew tiered dress, Tory Burch thora leather sandals, Club Monaco open work beach sweater, Club Monaco boyfriend cardigan, Topshop pony leopard heels (a steal for 9$). i think that's all.]

safety feature 1: light weight cork heel!
safety feature 2: straps all over to hold my feet in place!
presenting my summer red soles: Marina Liege 140

i haven't taken any mod pix since Long wasn't home that day and i keep forgetting to ask him. so here are a few bonus pix i found on my phone:

[26 weeks belly, jesus christ it's getting big]

***wore them for a first time in front of my family when we went to dimsum on Monday (2 pictures above shows what i wore that day), turned out my little sister has the same pair! they were part of her anniversary present. her boyfriend had told me earlier he bought a pair of Loubies metallic wedges, but since she was initially attracted to Une Plume, i thought he went ahead with those instead. anyways, it was funny to see my mom's reaction when we pointed at each other's shoes! haha

July 04, 2012


CIRCLE LENS GIVEAWAY + [Lily 3 Tone Grey review]

 Shoppingholics contacted me and let me pick a pair i liked for review purposes. After browsing through their extensive selection of circle lenses, i finally opted for these subtle looking grey/brown pair. They're the Lily 3 Tone Grey from Vassen. I often buy Geo Nudy, so i decided it was time to try something else. Though they do look similar to Geo Nudy lenses, these Vassen lenses are 0.5mm larger and the water content is slightly higher.

Product Information:

Link: Lily 3 Tone Grey
Price: 32.50$ but currently on promotion for 28.50$
Origin: Korea
Size: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%

(Disclaimer: please note that this review is based on my personal opinion. i have not been paid nor have i been forced to write this review. Shoppingholics and i are not affiliated in any way)
Enlargement Effect: 8.5/10 *although stated at 14.5mm, i find the enlargement to be similar to Geo Nudy lenses. The "halo" effect is very visible though, which is always a plus.

Color: 10/10 *the brown part in the middle blends very well with my eye color, so the gradient between my actual color and the lenses is never harsh looking.

Comfort: 10/10 *these are actually very very comfortable on the eye. they never dried my eyes and i've been able to keep them on for really long period of time.

Overall: i'm really happy to have picked these out to try! they look amazing on and i've received countless compliments. a plus is they look natural so people always ask me if my eye color is real first before telling me they look amazing. other than that, with the purchase of every pair of curcle lens, you automatically receive a cute animal lens case and shipping is super fast too as the lenses are always ready to be shipped.



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This contest is open internationally with the exception of Israel. The winner will be picked out randomly on Friday, July 20th at 11:59pm EST.

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