June 28, 2012

Baby & Me

Lacoste has always been my go-to label for classic polos. Since mine were all too snug fitting for my growing belly, i purchased this dress last weekend. the pleats give extra room for my round belly and i wear the tie right under the bust, creating an empire silhouette. :D

matching mommy & son! lol although choombb will only be able to wear this outfit next summer, the gift set was too cute to pass on!! the printed suitcase holds a pint size polo, white shorts and stuffed toy crocodile. :)   EDIT: oh god...Long showed me he has the same color polo as well..we'll be a matching family of 3. lmao

BONUS material!!!
here are my most recent belly pictures:
21 weeks belly
[workout wear: JC studded tee/VS Pink sweat shorts (TO buy)]
[JCrew tee (TO buy), Zara denim shorts]
22 weeks belly

i'm currently at my 25th week but haven't taken a pic yet.. :|


miemiemie said...

awww you look so cute!

Jennifer Huang said...

Yay! I love matching outfits ^___^ Congrats on the 25 weeks~ :D Almost there :3 You still look good & healthy ^^

Lisachen08 said...

wahhh you are soooo cute!!! i heart your belly!! hahaha

omgosh that baby gift set is SOOO SO cute!!!! you should get dad one too so you can all be matching :p

Anonymous said...

OMG! You look so cute with your bump! Can't wait to see your little one. Anyways, this is totally off topic but I know that you always go to Toronto, what's the best place to go shopping and best place to stay that you usually go to? And also best place to eat and stroll? I hope you can help me. Thanks so much!!

~Lisa said...

Oh my!! I haven't been on blogger for ages~ Didn't know you got pregnant xD
Congratulations!! I'm so happy for u and your hubby!

JoyceHuang said...

i love the coral top on you! showin' off that belly. you go girl hahah :D keep in touch <3