May 29, 2012

Strollers Madness

I've been reading a few books on pregnancy and all of them suggest the 2nd trimester the perfect time to go shopping for the little one. the belly's not too big so you wont be tired as fast. when it comes to baby gear, the first thing that came to my mind was the stroller. So last Sunday, me and Long decided to drop by boutique Pinki Blue to check out their selection and 'test drive' a few.

before heading to the store, i already had a list in hand of potential options. i made my initial selection based on design and general online reviews. (list below is in no particular order)

1. Bugaboo Cameleon
this stroller has always been at the top of my list. there are great reviews online for it (beside the fact that it's supposedly 'difficult' to fold, i've seen the instruction video and it doesn't seem that complicated). the design is simple and it's super light weight. my sister-in-law has the exact one as pictured above, i've tried it before and loved it.

2. 4MOMS Origami
the Origami was added last minute to my list because i saw Ellen Degeneres' mothers day special and it was featured on the show. i thought it was so awesome that someone actually invented a self folding stroller. when i went to the the boutique to inquire about it, the sales rep said it was meant for year round warm climate. the system would die the second it folds into winter slushy ground.

3. Quinny Mood
at first glance, i thought the Moodd was really cute! i went on to look for reviews on youtube and found a vid featuring a toddler sitting in the stroller. he was about 2 years old and his legs were too long to rest on the bar so they were just dangling. that was quite a turn off not to mention how dangerous it is for the child. the fact that the stroller wasn't developed to grow with the child made me cross this one out without having to see it in real life.

4. Orbit Baby G2
i was most excited to see this stroller in real life because it had the 360degree feature. where you could turn the seat to whatever direction you wanted. and the seat could be taken out of the chassis and put right into a base in the car. no need to get a separate car seat. boy was i disappointed when i saw it in store. it was heavier than all the others. i thought i was a pretty strong person, until i tried lifting the seat...there was no baby inside and i had a hard time. i didn't even want to imagine how i would struggle with the little on in there. the fact that the handle was 2 separate bars instead of one made it really hard to maneuver the stroller and did i ever mention how huge this thing actually is? the seat comes up pretty high, Long couldn't even see me when i was behind it!!

5. Stokke Xplory
PinkiBlu doesn't carry Stokke, so last thursday, we went to Trendy Strollers. it was the first time seeing the Xplory in real life. i love the concept of having your child closer to you and the design is quite neat too! the store had both the Cameleon and this one so i had the chance to test both out at the same time. it's easy to fold, easy to use and super light weight. the SA was very nice and compared both strollers with us stating pros and cons. i had no complaints about this one at all. we loved it.

Can you guess which one we picked out in the end? :D

tadaaaaaaaaaaa!! :)  i hope my baby's gonna like his ride, i heard it's the bentley of all strollers! <3
[the store had only received 1 in the limited edition Blue Melange that day...and the asian in us forced us to snatch it right away. lol just kidding, Long said this color is much chicer and less sporty than the rest of the collection, that's why we got it. we also bought the car seat and adaptors that day, so he threw in free tickets for "What to expect when you're expecting"!]

and for those who have not seen it on twitter or facebook, we are expecting a BABY BOY!!! <333


Jennifer Huang said...

Yay!!! Hope you enjoy the second trimester ^___^

mqueenie said...

thank you sweetie! i heard it's supposed to be the nicest time in the pregnancy! i'll try to enjoy it as much as i can!

turtle said...

I saw the title of this post, I thought "oh i have to write to queenie about this wicked stroller i saw an asian couple at pmall using last month. it SWIVELED 360 and i totally gawked at it" but of course you already knew since you are cool. Too bad the orbit isn't great in real life because it certainly was the one which caught my eye.

Long should get a "recaro car seat" for the baby (google it). From the company that makes racing car seats for adults, the baby seat looks like a racing seat as well. Would look good muahahahah.

I should be more attentive when asking girls out in the future. if I saw a lady in the same outfit as you from the last post, vero moda + couture skirt + loubs I would totally ask her out, only to be very very disappointed/embarrassed to find out she is married and also pregnant thus not available.

mqueenie said...

hahaha i alway do thourough research before purchasing something important!! the Orbit looked really cool so i just had to check it out in real life! i was honestly so bummed with all the cons related to this stroller.

i checked out the recaro website but couldn't see any retailers in Canada ?_? anyways, its too bad because i already bought the other one. :|

lol hmm...i really can't help you with that because even i have a hard time telling if another girl is pregger or not. it's especially hard to notice the first few months. i have a tip for you though, NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant!! if you do and turns out she's not, then death glare will be haunt you for the rest of your life. :O