May 16, 2012


Moncler puffy/H&M bf shirt/unbranded leggings/H&M thigh high socks (worn down)/Miss60 booties/LV Trevi.

oh god, the other day, my mom brought me shopping for maternity wear. yes MATERNITY WEAR...i browsed through the whole store and in the end checked out with 1 pair of full length leggings, 3 pairs of different cropped leggings, a dress & a jersey cardigan. the rest was just blehhhhh there was like NOTHING i wanted. NOTHING. why is everything so boring looking?? i think i'll just stick to what i have in my closet for the longest time possible. or another alternative i've been using is to get 2 sizes larger than what i usually wear. i hope i'll be able to last the whole pregnancy this way. here are a few (gazillion) pictures of outfits i've worn from no belly to the current protruding one.
Refrigiwear jacket/Numero hoodie/Zara shorts/Joe Fresh leopard tights/Hunters/MK or Holts leopard scarf.
Zara oversized sweater/Zara shorts/Club Monaco tights/JScottX2NE1 Adidas wings/UO spikes headband.
Mackage leather jacket/Zara shorts (again and again but different weeks)/House of Holland suspender tights/Selected biker boots/LV Trevi/MK for Holts leopard scarf/UO spiky headband. 
Miss 60 cropped jacket/MinkPink laser cutout dress/Joe Fresh tights/Selected biker boots/Burberry bucket bag/Zara scarf.
Juicy Couture leather jacket/James Perse tee/Zara skirt/Juicy Couture wedges/Burberry bucket bag/Zara scarf.
details :)
Vero Moda jacket/Wildfox tee/Juicy Couture skirt/Loubies Exclu. (16 Weeks)
Mackage leather jacket/MinkPink cardigan/unbranded leggings/Selected biker boots/Scarf from Hanoi/Burberry bucket bag.
Mike & Chris hooded leather jacket/Scarf from TO/Wildfox hoodie/H&M polka dot tunic/unbranded leggings/Hunters/LV Trevi/Keith Haring lunch tote.
BCBG jacket/Gipsy05 blouses/Miss60 sweatshorts/CM tights/Selected biker boots.
BCBG jacket/H&M dress/Zara studded booties/Scarf from TO/Deux Lux tote.
Primp mouse oversized hoodie/A&F ruffle tee/maternity leggings/Hunter boots/UO spiky headband/Jimmy Choo for H&M crossbody bag.  (18 Weeks)
Zara denim shirt/Joe's Jeans tee/some sort of shorts under/CM tights.

as i have mentioned in earlier posts, i've been having really baddddddddddddd skin due to my pregnancy. i never had any sort of skin problems before this was kinda new to me. some days, its so bad i'm ashamed of setting foot outside my house. some days, its more manageable. makeup does wonders sometimes, i swear.

on a good day with good lighting...the bad stuff dont show as much. :|

just trimmed my hair not too long ago. i always end up going back to the same style.
this diaper bag was too cute, i just couldn't pass up. :D DVF for Baby Gap diaper bag.
here's my Deux Lux summer tote you saw in one of the outfit pic. bright coral on the outside and hot pink in the inside. so perfect for the warmer seasons!!
some stuff i picked up with my 200 bucks CVS optimum card!!! yessss i'm so happy. :D
most current pic of my bump! (taken last week 18w)

Queenie xox


shinyprettythings said...

omo aju you've grown quite a baby in there teehehehehehe almost time to find out what it is right?!?! make sure to tell me when u find out :D i expect you to be a very trendy pregnant aju. no frumpy maternity clothes!

mqueenie said...

i know right!! i'll know next thursday!! please expect a session of spazzing on twitter!! ^^ well i had an important meeting that day, i had to wear something proper! lol its getting more and more uncomfortable to wear heels these days. :|

Jian said...

Ahahaha you have got to be the most stylish lady with a bump I have seen for a while! it is true...a lot of MAT wear is soooo frumpy and shapeless..!

The baby's really getting bigger eh!!

Ting said...

e most stylish mum ever ^.^... ha

Stephanie How said...

What a gorgeous baby bump, you look beautiful!

Genieluck168 said...

You're so pretty! Love your style. I heard that it is hard to wear heels during pregnancy so i see most pregnant woman tend to wear flats or something that isn't too high.

Btw, I sent you a message on fb. was wondering if you got it?

mochi said...

you look absolutely gorgeous!

and your eyes are so pretty, what kind of contacts do you wear?

Vickiki said...

Zara denim shirt/Joe's Jeans tee/some sort of shorts under/CM tights.
^love this outfit! looks great!

Jeah said...

Can you please tell me where you got your Juicy Couture wedges? And the exact style? Thanks! And oh, pregnancy really suits you! So pretty!

tish said...

Aww! I would just like to congratulate you and your husband! def update us more on how your doing and do you know if your baby is a girl or boy? Or you guys just want to be surprised?!

mqueenie said...

Hi Tish!! thank you <3 i'll know the sex of the baby this coming thursday and i'll definitely post and update you all on it!!

mqueenie said...

hey Jeah, i bought the wedges at a local boutique and it's been a few years already. i've thrown the box and have no idea about the name of the style. so sorry!

MissFeelo said...

I love all your outfits, especially the pink skirt one! I can't wait to see more of your pregnancy fashion! You're just adorable and it's really evident how happy you are. :) I think Jessica Simpson said she was starting a maternity line because she found maternity clothes boring too. haha

Annie said...

You are too cute for words!! Where is that white leopard print button up sweater from? I love it :)

mqueenie said...

Thank you! :)

mqueenie said...

Thanks annie! you are so sweet! the leopard cardigan is from MinkPink!

mqueenie said...

i dont know, the sound of "maternity clothes" just really irks me! i wonder if JS is gonna do anything nice... i'll try to post more looks, but i'm warning you, i've been extra lazyyy these days! lol

mqueenie said...

stay tuned, i'll blog about my lenses and hold a giveaway very very soon! :D

mqueenie said...

i'm not supposed to wear heels when pregnant, the hubby and family forbid me..but sometimes it's really hard to resist!

mqueenie said...

you are so nice! thank you!!

mqueenie said...

thats the nicest compliment ever for pregger me!! thank you, sweetie! <3

mqueenie said...

Yuppers!! the baby's been growing well!! and it's doing kungfu in my belly!! :D

miemiemie said...

awww. i'm late with the news! congrats dear! you look lovely with the baby bump :)