April 18, 2012

Messed Up

this is a quick rant. don't read if you aren't bored.

at first, there's the meeting. the positive, the negative, the outward appearance. what you try to portray will give off a certain aura. people often say "not to judge a book by its cover", let's be real, we all do. if it's gone off on a wrong note, doesn't mean that things can't work out though. with time, you learn more about the other person. as you understand more and more about that said person, you learn to appreciate and to accept them for who they are. for me, it takes A LOT of time for the whole process to go through. my hubs always told me i was too gullible and naive, he told me i needed to change and analyze things more carefully, because not every single person i encounter will want good things for me. so i learned, and now i just can't put my trust into someone who isn't my husband, part of my family or friends easily. honestly, if it takes that much time for the cycle to be complete, when you're at the finish line and celebrating about my total trust, why would you wanna go back to the starting point? people always end up doing things to make me doubt everything. one single fuck up can jeopardize the years i put into trusting someone. it's tiring, i don't wanna care anymore. now that its off my chest, i hope i won't ever think about it again.

ok, thats all! bye!


jenni said...

when i meet new people i'm always skeptical about them. especially if they are overly too friendly to me. it takes me a while before i'm comfortable with them.

Katrina Dulay said...

I'm the same as you! I am so gullible and I give me whole trust to people but I never ever tell them my issues because I honestly know people talk regardless. But even when people mess me over, I'm still positive as ever and move on because it IS tiring to be upset/angry and I'd rather spend my time on people I care about than the people who used and abused me. Anyway, hope you feel better and that you definitely don't think about it again! Negative thoughts = icky :D

mqueenie said...

i used to be so simple minded, when people are nice to me, i have NO second thoughts at all. like someone can talk crap all they want about that person, i wont care as long as they were nice to me, i didn't give a damn about what was said about them. but with time, i realized how the warnings were all relevant as they show their true selves. i've experienced a lot of things like this in the past and it brought me to where i am today...always be careful with people because you never know what their real intentions are.

mqueenie said...

i'm the same with staying positive. i just turn the page and let ppl do whatever they want. its really less of a burden on my own shoulders right? anyways, those ppl who do weird things to you, they'll be enjoying it if you suffer. *shrug*

jenni said...


ANNIA said...

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CupcakeChisa said...

Wouuu I found your blog and I love them. I love your style.
I am a fan of 2NE1 and Big Bang too, in particular I love Top.

Are you a official member of the club? I want to be too, but nose like to join. I want to join both. I can still do in Argentina?

mqueenie said...

hiiii Chisaaa!! thank you for reading my blog!! i see you're a fellow TOP wifey as well!! =D who's your bias in 2NE1?

i was a member of the official 2NE1 fanclub until very recently, my membership expired!! =O i dont think BB's official fanclub was open to international fans! i do hope they change that soon, since they're gonna do a world tour and all.

mqueenie said...

thanks annia, i'll drop by when i get a second!! xox see you around!