April 30, 2012

A Wallet Story...

last december, i found out my Vuitton Sarah wallet was slowly dying. the stitching came undone on one side and the glazing peeled off as well. i was sad but i've had this wallet for a few years already. i guess with time, wear and tear, this had to happen someday. there was no way in hell i was going to throw it away since it was a present from my mom. after the holidays, i took it to the boutique and had them send it away for repair. my usual SA told me it was going to take from 6-8 weeks before i get it back so in the meantime, i borrowed my mom's zippered ferragamo. the wallet came back pretty quickly and i was really amazed at the craftsmanship. they restitched and reglazed it for me and it looked like brand new.

i even took the opportunity to hot stamp it with my initial. that small detail gave it a breath of new life.
a month later, guess what happens? another part of the glazing peeled off. i was so mad but figured they didn't touch that area when i asked them to refurbish it the first time. so i went back and sent it away at no cost. there's a 90 days guarantee on repaired items. thank god i didn't have to pay a second time. i stuffed all my money, cards and bills in my mini accessories pouch (which contains my personal items) and left the store really bummed out. Since Holt's was holding they spring event (25% of your total purchase that day goes back to you on a Holt's gift card), we dropped by to check out their wallet selection. it seemed like a good deal, yet none of the more interesting brands were part of this promotion. Still, i went ahead and checked out Prada's selection. they really didn't have anything that caught my eye. i saw some colorful Kate Spade wallets, they were cute, but i had no idea how long they would really last me. without anything else to look at, we went ahead to the 2nd floor to check out Chanel. Well, i don't know any girl who would say they didn't find anything nice at Chanel. so i did find something i liked, actually, there was a lot i liked, but the thing i needed most right now was a wallet. me and Long settled for a simple style, classic and sleek. having had the Sarah, which was a flap wallet thats a tad more bulky, i wanted something thinner that could fit nicely into small purses or clutches. once again, i got spoiled by Hubby! <3 he said he knew i had the other one for a long time already, so i deserved to get a new one. :D BB is the best!!

the perfect candidate!

thats all for now ladies! take care!! xox

April 27, 2012

Smiley Face

NEW BB albums!!

being the moody and weird pregnant woman that i am right now, everything is unpredictable. yet some things will never change!! these are a few things that will always bring a smile to my face no matter how crappy of a day i'm having.
anything with TOP's face on it. [thanks to my agashi for these merch straight from Korea]
new Chanel makeup!
looking at my humble CC makeup collection
cute pink patent ballerina flats! [buy here]
Hello Kitty things!
cute costume jewelry!
yummy macarons!
More macarons!
getting a manicure!
a new scent to add to my collection.


April 26, 2012

Bun in the Oven

i thought my lovely readers should know. <3

Queenie xox

p.s. since the worst is already part of the past, i should be able to update a little "more often" from now on! see ya!!

April 18, 2012

Messed Up

this is a quick rant. don't read if you aren't bored.

at first, there's the meeting. the positive, the negative, the outward appearance. what you try to portray will give off a certain aura. people often say "not to judge a book by its cover", let's be real, we all do. if it's gone off on a wrong note, doesn't mean that things can't work out though. with time, you learn more about the other person. as you understand more and more about that said person, you learn to appreciate and to accept them for who they are. for me, it takes A LOT of time for the whole process to go through. my hubs always told me i was too gullible and naive, he told me i needed to change and analyze things more carefully, because not every single person i encounter will want good things for me. so i learned, and now i just can't put my trust into someone who isn't my husband, part of my family or friends easily. honestly, if it takes that much time for the cycle to be complete, when you're at the finish line and celebrating about my total trust, why would you wanna go back to the starting point? people always end up doing things to make me doubt everything. one single fuck up can jeopardize the years i put into trusting someone. it's tiring, i don't wanna care anymore. now that its off my chest, i hope i won't ever think about it again.

ok, thats all! bye!

April 13, 2012


 amazing editorial from ELLE VN's april issue.

cr: WF blog

p.s. i know i haven't been around much lately, but i promise i'll make a comeback soon. lots of things happened, and i can't wait to share with you guys. take care!! xox