March 12, 2012

Touch of Red

Sooooooooo...last week my shoe SA at Holt's called me and left me a voicemail to tell me the shoes i pre-ordered a few months ago just came in. i have promised myself that every spring, i will purchase a pair of Louboutin. This is the first spring after that promise. i was so excited as i have been waiting for a while to get these. last time i skipped my chance, but i'm not the type to make the same mistake twice. i got home and told the husband and he told me i shouldnt get them. i was bummed and so disappointed, but he's not the type to act without reason. so i listened to his explanation on why i shouldnt get them. he was right and i shouldnt, but i think my face really showed DEEP SADNESS, so in the end, he told me he'd bring me to take a look. my eyes lit up in a split second and my heart started beating normally again. the puppy eyes, they work!!! hahaha next day, we dropped by Holt's and i tried them on and it was love just like the first day i tried it. he went "fine, get them if you really love them". and so i gave my SA 'THE' nod. while i wore my shoes, he told me he'll go down to the men's department to look around and to pay quickly. i went to the cash and when i took my wallet out, i saw a few too many bills in there that weren't there before. knowing him, i knew immediately he did it. i payed with the cash and practically ran down the escalators to find him. he stood there waiting for me. he told me he wasn't going to get them for me...but it seemed like timing was about right for our 10 years anniversary (we started dating MAR.12.2002), he thought it would be nice to buy them for me. <3 ok the end :D

Nude in day light

indoor lighting


while on the red theme, here are my new wellies i bought last weekend! i thought my burberry ones have done their duty and should retire. these red wellies were part of Little Burgundy's new arrivals. the color was hard to miss so i thought, heck why not? black was boring and grey looked a bit sad. a touch of red on a rainy day, perfect to lift my spirit up no? =D i love them, they're super comfy and i cant wait for the next ugly day to come!

my old burberry in the background look a little jealous! hehe
thank you for reading, my lovelies! <3 xox

March 01, 2012


a lot has happened lately, i'm not gonna lie, i've been stressed. i was planning to go to SK for BIGSHOW 2012 with DT & CS but something came up very last minute (like the day i was going to book my plane tickets) and i had to cancel the whole thing. its really too bad because the trip would've been the best ever. i'm not going to complain because that wont bring me anywhere. just gotta suck it up and turn the page. anyways, they're going to do a world tour, right? right?? *le sigh.

due to stress, i've been having back pains and breaking out like never before. so from this day forward, i'll take more time to relax. more time to nap. eat better. drink more water....etc etc i'm totally convinced its gonna kick stress in the butt. we'll see.