February 13, 2012

Wrist SWAG

[today's wrist FEB.13.2012]
from top to bottom:
-Tiffany & Co. heart tag bracelet, a gift from my mother, and it's 1 decade old.
-Vuitton Inclusion bracelet in Rose Pop, present from the hubs when we were in HK in 2009.
-Club Monaco twisted leather bracelet i just bought over the weekend for 9 bucks.
-turquoise beaded bracelet i received from a vendor in Dominican Republic in 2007. in the summer i wear it as an anklet.
-Pandora braided bracelet with heart charms, from the hubs who bought it with the bit of money he won during our honeymoon. hehe

a little while back, someone either commented on one of my post or tweeted (i have really bad memory) and asked me to post something about how i accessorize with jewelry. i'm not ashamed of admitting i used to be a hardcore tiffany lunatic, but now not so much anymore. i mean i still love their stuff just not as crazy as before. i wont die if i dont get the IT piece of a new collection.

so, the trick to swaggerize your wrist is to just wear as much as you can! lol no really...there are no rules for me, i just pile a bunch of bracelets and i'm ready to go. doesn't matter if the colors don't match, its actually better! and they don't need to be expensive to look good. i actually love browsing F21 and H&M's jewelry department, so many cute and colorful things and so cheap too! for the right wrist, i just wear a watch and the thread bracelet. done deal. thats all.

not counting my silver bracelets, these are all the bracelets i own. i try to manage with what i have!

how about you? how do you accessorize your wrists?


Kelly said...

i'd LOVE TO SEE YOUR TIFFANY & CO COLLECTION!! post it pretty please!!!!! :)

shinyprettythings said...

my stupid anorexic wrists prevent me from being able to buy cheapo bracelets therefore i cannot have cool accessorized wrists T___T i like the angry looking spike bracelet hahaha

LittoMokaa said...

I have the same problem as shinyprettythings - anorexic wrist - LOL! I'm always looking out for adjustable bracelets with lobster clamp and it's sooooo hard to find!

Rachel said...


You mentioned that your bracelet is a decade old, how is it so shiny and silvery?! My necklace is ~6 years old and it turned a little...darker? Like bronze-y.

I want my necklace to be shiny again! :] And LOVEE your rose bead bracelets.

mqueenie said...

here's the post where you can check out my humble collection: http://misssqueenie.blogspot.com/2009/11/giveaway-winners-how-to.html

mqueenie said...

omg your wrist is that tiny? then do you remove all possible links for watches? D: you're missing out on the cheapo stuff!!

mqueenie said...

yeah lobster clasp are usually mostly found on items a little more pricey! :| sucks!!

mqueenie said...

i find sterling silver get dark and brown when you just leave it there. i noticed that with my own jewelry. the ones i use often (everyday) never gets dark. here's the post where i show how to clean silver jewelry, i hope its going to help you.


Vicky said...

Like D and LittoMokaa, my arms are tiny so I just wear adjustable bracelets but I love layering them too. I've always wanted one of those LV ones though....

mqueenie said...

aww it really sucks! you're missing out! :( i dont know if the LV one will fit you, i got it in size small and i can take in and out very easily. i think it might be a little loose on you, but you can try it on when at the store!

MissFeelo said...

That spike bracelet has caught my eye! Wrist swag is awesome. ;)