February 15, 2012

The Little Things

The hubs really isn't the spontaneous, surprise-make-happen kind of guy. i might've mentioned it a few times before lol. i used to complain to him about it, but after all these years, i gave up. i guess i just got used to it. it seems like he FINALLY caught on and understood the way to a woman's heart.

we were doing our grocery and when we walked by the Valentine's department, he grabbed these cute dragon stuffed toys for me. <3 very fitting that the boy is slim and the girl is a fatty. lol and yesterday, he came back from work with this cute stuffed shaggy heart and rose. <3 i'm loving this change in him hehehe.

the rose looks so adorable on my vanity desk.
what about you guys? did you do or received anything special for Valentine's day?



chouxcreme said...

That was very sweet of your husband!! ^^

omg I had to laugh sooooo much about the stuff toys!! ^O^ I wonder why the girl has to be the fat one! I prefer it the other way round! LOL!! Either way, it is unfair but the dragons are super cute! <3

mqueenie said...

URGHHH i was happy when he bought the dragons but got so annoyed when i got home and realized their size difference!!! hahaha but it does make sense for us because he is on the slim side and i'm a *bitttt* rounder. hehe

Jennifer Huang said...

My bf seems to be doing what your hubs did years ago.... Haha im not complaining tho.

MissFeelo said...

I love how that rose look son your Vanity too. The heart looks so squishy and huggable! haha I spent the day studying.. XD It's okay though, it'll pay of in the end!

mqueenie said...

hopefully he'll learn someday! hehe