February 24, 2012

February 22, 2012

The Unexpected

those who follow me on twitter might've seen it already but i just had to take better pictures and post it on my blog. i believe it was last Thursday, hubs came home with a huge box in hand. i knew he went to the post office because he told me he had ordered a new DSquared tshirt off ssense, so i thought nothing of it. he then told me that he had ordered me a valentine's day present at the same time as his tshirt yet ssense hadn't included it in the package. at that point i was so confused and excited at the same time, but also surprised at this major mistake. i asked him what he got me anyways and he told me he was kidding and gave me this small white box. i jumped out of my chair and slung my arms around him and screamed and yelled and weeped and whatnot. lol so yes, i was very happy. happy because he had done the unexpected. as for the ring size, he bought me a size 7. i'm usually a 6.5 on my ring finger, but i'm glad he got me a 7 because i can wear it comfortably on my index or middle finger on my right hand (which is a tad more chubby than left hand). enough words, on to pictures of the beautiful thanggg!!!

i'm usually really not into anything gold, but the Arty is an exception. :)

a few weeks ago, we were browsing at vuitton and he saw this really cute wrap bracelet. the only problem is, it was damier ebene, so he deemed it to be too girly for him (it probably reminded him of my stuff lmao). the SA told us it was also released in damier graphite but they dont have it in stock because. she checked and no one in Canada has it so we might have to order from Paris. a few days go by and she called me back to say she had no answer from Paris. she told me another bracelet just came in and if i was interested to come in and check it out. i saw the picture online and wasn't really fond of it but whatever, maybe the hubs might like it. when we had this conversation it was a weekday and no way i was going to drive downtown to check it out so i asked her to hold that new one and the wrap damier ebene one for me in case he wants it. yknow they only have 1 of each so if someone gets one of the 2 and it happened to be hubs' final choice, i was screwed. i didn't wanna take a chance. when i got home and showed the new one to him, he really didn't like it at all and he said he didn't want the ebene either. it was either the damier graphite or nothing. so i call the SA back to tell her to release the items i had on hold and i told her i'd come by on friday to check it out with him one last time. who knows, maybe he'll change his mind. so we head there but my usual SA had left already so we asked another one for both the bracelets i had on hold. tried them on, nope..not interested at all. so i asked casually if she could check in the system if the wrap bracelet was available in graphite anywhere in Canada and to our surprise, she said vuitton on Bloor had it. we were just plain lucky because according to her, they had just received it on that same day. such a weird coincidence huh? well, i ordered it without hesitation. a few days later, the bracelet came in and hubs was in lalaland when he wore it. he was really lucky i guess.
LV Sign It in Damier Graphite
a little something something to add to his humble vuitton collection

on another note, when we went to pick up the bracelet, i also took the chance to drop my damier Sarah wallet off for repair. i've had it for 6 years or so and it started unstitching on the sides where you put the bills. the SA also told me to also get it reglazed. total cost of repairs? 125$+ tax. T___T" this wallet was a gift from my mom so i couldn't just let it rot in my drawer. it will be sent to Paris and will take 6-8 weeks. in the meantime, i'm using my mom's zippered Ferragamo wallet. >_<" but after repair, i dont even know if i'll have the courage to use it again, maybe i should just put it away as a keepsake and get a new wallet. i dont even know. ok, done ranting!


EDIT: for you eagle eyes out there, is TOP wearing the Arty LOVE ring??? i know he has turquoise and royal blue...and this one doesn't look like either. could it be? it can't be black thats for sure because it looks like there's depth to it and the black ring is like a solid black.

February 15, 2012

The Little Things

The hubs really isn't the spontaneous, surprise-make-happen kind of guy. i might've mentioned it a few times before lol. i used to complain to him about it, but after all these years, i gave up. i guess i just got used to it. it seems like he FINALLY caught on and understood the way to a woman's heart.

we were doing our grocery and when we walked by the Valentine's department, he grabbed these cute dragon stuffed toys for me. <3 very fitting that the boy is slim and the girl is a fatty. lol and yesterday, he came back from work with this cute stuffed shaggy heart and rose. <3 i'm loving this change in him hehehe.

the rose looks so adorable on my vanity desk.
what about you guys? did you do or received anything special for Valentine's day?


February 14, 2012


taking a short moment to wish you ladies (& gents) a very Happy Valentine's day!!
if you already have a lover, may your day be filled with love and sweetness!! but if you don't, what are you waiting for? load your gun, get out there and hunt! <3
love, Queenie xox

February 13, 2012

Wrist SWAG

[today's wrist FEB.13.2012]
from top to bottom:
-Tiffany & Co. heart tag bracelet, a gift from my mother, and it's 1 decade old.
-Vuitton Inclusion bracelet in Rose Pop, present from the hubs when we were in HK in 2009.
-Club Monaco twisted leather bracelet i just bought over the weekend for 9 bucks.
-turquoise beaded bracelet i received from a vendor in Dominican Republic in 2007. in the summer i wear it as an anklet.
-Pandora braided bracelet with heart charms, from the hubs who bought it with the bit of money he won during our honeymoon. hehe

a little while back, someone either commented on one of my post or tweeted (i have really bad memory) and asked me to post something about how i accessorize with jewelry. i'm not ashamed of admitting i used to be a hardcore tiffany lunatic, but now not so much anymore. i mean i still love their stuff just not as crazy as before. i wont die if i dont get the IT piece of a new collection.

so, the trick to swaggerize your wrist is to just wear as much as you can! lol no really...there are no rules for me, i just pile a bunch of bracelets and i'm ready to go. doesn't matter if the colors don't match, its actually better! and they don't need to be expensive to look good. i actually love browsing F21 and H&M's jewelry department, so many cute and colorful things and so cheap too! for the right wrist, i just wear a watch and the thread bracelet. done deal. thats all.

not counting my silver bracelets, these are all the bracelets i own. i try to manage with what i have!

how about you? how do you accessorize your wrists?

February 07, 2012

From Paris, With Love...

 you have no idea how excited i was when i took these pictures! i was literally trembling and couldn't get my camera to focus. half of the pictures i took were blurry. once i saw the Longchamp X Katrantzou collab, i contacted my aunt from Paris right away. i feel bad for asking a favor from a pregnant lady but she accepted without hesitating. she sent my package last tuesday and i got it on friday. we had both expected it to take from 5 to 8 business days but yay it came supah early!! i had chosen the medium version with short straps. it is on the bigger side, but i'm all in for big bags so its all good. could be a perfect carry on for traveling or a short weekend getaway. =D the print is beautiful and very vibrant. all in all...i'm superrrrrrrrrrrrrr happy with it!

 while on the french theme, i recently bought this adorable hair straightener from Winners. it was originally priced at 40$ but i was lucky and got it marked down to 30$. the print is so girlie, so me. and the inside is black and red which reminds me of Loubs!! :D i have a curler from this brand so i have no doubt this will work wonders too. <3

 short entry today...see ya soon! xox