January 27, 2012


Do you know what i hate most in this world? (besides worms, onions and a bunch of other things) FINISHING OTHER PEOPLE'S PROJECTS!!! why? well first of all, i have to postpone my own work schedule to accommodate this new random project thrown my way. I HATE when things don't go according to how i planned and last minute surprises. everything i do has an orderly manner, hence that is why i have my schedule. second, i'm a bit of a perfectionist (ok, make that a lot) when it comes to the things i present. everything has to be PERFECT, no less. for those who use Adobe Illustrator, you know those smart guides everyone hate? well i LOVE them and swear by them. i can't stand when the presentation is messy or not aligned properly. anchor points MUST BE MATCHING not almost matching and curves should be nice and smooth. everybody works differently and this is how i work. so whenever i see things that in my eye, not good enough, i will make changes and sometimes i end up re-doing everything, i can't help it. i think i have ocd when it comes to this. not only the things on the presentation page is important, but also how everything else is organized in files and folders. geez, it's not very hard to name your stuff properly or classify documents, i don't understand how people can just shove everything in one single folder and name it whatever they feel like.

these gifs totally capture my current feelings

to end things nicely,

the end :)


MissFeelo said...

Being a perfectionist is hard. Not that I'm only but I can online imagine what it must be like. >< frustrating!

whoa, almost didn't recognize TOP for a second!

p,s hi! c:

mqueenie said...

i guess sometimes it can be a pain in the butt, but its part of who i am and really there's no point in changing. =| arghhh

lol yeah that vid was intense hahahah

p.s. re-hi!! ^^

MissFeelo said...

I just re-read my comment, I don't know what I was thinking with all the typos. ><

Just gotta learn how to accept! I'm obsessed about health and have very random phobias. haha so I kind of get you!

phurieda said...

I can understand how you feel. I'm a designer too and I admit I'm a file-name and folder Nazi. I work with photoshop a lot too, when I have to work on someone's files and all I can see is: Group 1, Group 2, Layer 1, Layer 2 copy, Layer 2 copy copy I will stare at the screen for a few mins and then rage! Haha. My coworkers called me a whinger but I don't care haha.

mqueenie said...

omg thank you for understanding how i feel!!! i dont even care what they call me lol..just do it properlyyyyyyyyyy then i wont bite!! hahaha