January 13, 2012

PAUL & JOE Beaute

i have to come clean, the only felines i like are predators such as tigers, lions and leopards...smaller ones include Hello Kitty and Chococat..oh and kittens. Other than that...i truly, deeply, madly dislike (full grown, adult) cats. they scare the crap out of me. i feel like they are always about to attack me and shred me to pieces or something. Ironic that i'm not scared of the bigger ones right? well they can't get to me so... :) anyways, for someone who doesn't like cats, i find this Paul & Joe collection to be oddly lovely.

cr: fashionista


XiaoWen916 said...

the lipstick is so cute how people use it to destroy the cat ? :D

Madeliene Semilla said...

Ooh those lipsticks are gorgeous!

LOL maybe you should meet my cats, the only thing they'll do is rub up against you and beg to be pet. One of them will roll around on the ground anytime someone walks around to look cute hoping to be petted.

chouxcreme said...

OMG!! What a cute collection!! I especially adore the kitty lipsticks which were already featured some years ago. Frankly speaking, they aren't pratical at all but the packaging is <3

LOL I'm not a huge fan of cats, either. Actually I used to be very scared of them since I got bitten by a cat when I was a kid... I know it sounds weird, normally cats would do other things such as scratching but not biting. XD

mqueenie said...

i was thinking the same thing! the cat's gonna disappear with use! v__v"

mqueenie said...

hehe she might be able to make me forget about my fear of cats if she's all cuddly and cute. but i'm really afraid to get near them. D:

mqueenie said...

the illustrations and the prints are super cute but the lipstick shapes dont look that practical. i think you'd have to use a lip brush if you dont want the weird shape to smear the color on.

oh god...why did it bite you? did you bother it?