January 03, 2012

Loose Ends

Chanel greeting card to start the New Year! Weeeeee ^3^

(the color and texture is exactly like my wedding invite. a pearlescent offwhite.)

it's hard to be fancy schmancy when it's freaking freezing outsite. this is basically what i'll wear for the whole winter. leggings/sweatshirt(or sweater)/Aussie Luxe boots/Moncler Bady/scarf or muffler of some sort.

i took the pic and showed him, and THEN i added the heart and all these fobby things on it. lol


Bom team t-shirt/H&M (American) flag leggings.

have you ever seen a cuter Yorkie??? i don't think so! All hail Prince Tatchuuuuuuu!!

oh yah, i really needed to show you guys. while i got the Collage Wings, my sister Amy received the Satin Wings. How cool are they??? so gorgeous!!!
 since we didn't go away for vacation, it was hard to avoid the shops. went back on the 28th. we didn't leave emty-handed.

BCBG light motorcycle jacket. yeah i know, i'm so bad with jackets. i really couldn't help it, it was a good deal and it fits me like a glove!

Hubs bought me this BCBG printed shirt. it might look like nothing hanging like this, but when worn, it's a completely different world.
I also wanted a pair of leopard print shorts. i tried them in my usual size 2 and to my surprise, they were way too big on. that's weird because i have always been the same size in BCBG and suddenly, i dont fit anymore. They only had that and a size 8 left. The SA proposed for me to wear a belt with it. Thinking about the pleats the belt might create, i didn't get them. i was really bummed, the shorts were gorgeous.

ending the post with a cute picture of the Hubs sleeping like a kid. HOW CUTEEE!!! ^ , ^



Jennifer Huang said...

so cute! Super in love with your sister's Satin Wings <33333

Rachel said...

cool winged shoes! haha i know what you mean...so hard to get dressed up and not just wear a gajillion fuzzy layers during the winter hehe.

mqueenie said...

they're super cute aren't they?? i love them a lot too. too bad we dont wear the same size!!

mqueenie said...

whenever i look outside...i get all fed up and always end up wearing the same (comfy) things.. lol

Rachel said...

bahaha me too! it's okay you're not alone! :)

sara (iomoo) said...

wow, how did chanel send you a greeting card? that's so awesome! my mom buys a lot of chanel bags, but usually through neiman marcus. sweet post ! :)

fashioncrazy said...

what is the item number on the bcbg light motorcycle jacket.. i am obsessed and would love to find it online