January 13, 2012


when it's ugly, cold, grey and gloomy out or when my mood isn't at it's peak...all i need is a hug from the hubs or something sweet..sweet as in cupcake & macaron kinda sweet.
when exhaustion takes over or the bed wants to claim me, i automatically pick a strand and start twisting and twirling until my eyelids can't take it anymore. the softness of my hair gliding through my fingers ...I LOVE THAT. my mother told me it's been a habit ever since i was able to grab my hair lol. usually when girls start twirling their hair, they're trying to look cute or trying to get attention. when i do that, dont think too much about it and just throw me a pillow please.
when i'm down but need to go out, i tend to cover my face a lot. it's like i dont want the world so see my poker face or something. i'm not good at hiding my emotions so i'd just rather hide everything under glasses and hats than make others misunderstand.
yes i am human, i also get those days where idgaf.

on a lighter note, IT'S THE WEEKENDDDDD!!! xox


123 said...

those are really good looking glasses......may I ask what brand they are and what is the style number? Thanks.

mqueenie said...

hello! the glasses are from Jimmy Choo and the style number is 18. :D