January 21, 2012

Aveeno Fresh Essentials Review

Retail: under 20$ (got it for 17.99$ at walmart)
 contains SPF30, vitamin A, C & E
oil-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic

this moisturizer comes in a pump which i prefer over tubes and jars just because of its convenience. you dont need to squeeze it dry or poke your finger in a jar and get cream under your nails (major EWW). over the years, i've used a bunch of products for my skin and i can say that the quality of this moisturizer is almost up to par with those more expensive ones. after using it for a few weeks, i've noticed some difference in my skin and its texture. living in Canada, my skin often gets exposed to extreme climates. i get -25C outside but walk in an office or house where heaters are at full capacities, the difference is enormous and pollution isn't helping either. i used to be happy with my vitamin e gel, but it just wasnt enough for winter. i would get super dry areas on my face, but my T zone would still be oily. i was confused and just didn't know what to do anymore. when my daily moisturizer ran out, i happened to be at walmart and was browsing for a quick solution in the skincare department. i looked through a few but noticed this one had a "new" sticker on the shelf and it was on sale too. i bought it without thinking too much about it. i used it next morning and was just amazed! the color is matte white and it kinda looks like whipped cream. when i pumped it on my hand for the first time, i thought it would be super heavy but was blown away when i spread it on my skin. it was super light and absorbed into my skin in seconds. my mistake was i miscalculated and pumped a few times too much only to realize i didn't need that much to cover my face.

this product gets a A+++++ from me. i would definitely buy again to help me get through my winter.

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Afton said...

Just bought a bottle, we will see what happens:) I noticed (and it's really not that important) you didn't mention that it smells amazing, too!