January 23, 2012

All the Good Stuff

you know what i realized? that i'm really good at browsing through end of season sales...or i'm just plain lucky. =D look at these cool buys, all under retail. hehe

how perfect is this sling bag that transforms into an oversize clutch? and it fit with my yellow post too!
i think i'm going through a tassell phase. sorry.
loving this cardigan to death <3 oversized...leopard...perfect.

mini chanel haul! yay ^V^

finally got around to buying this curler. i didn't even know it was released here already but i saw it and i couldn't hold back. my fave has always been the shu, but honestly speaking, this thing is kinda kicking my old one's butt. I LOVE THISSSSSSSSSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHH
since i was at the chanel counter already, might as well stock up on my poudre universelle compacte. the SA told me it was sold out so she suggested me to try the loose powder version instead. at first i had a hard time and spilled everywhere, but i'm trying to get used to it and i really like it! goes on light and sheer and my skin is baby soft. ^^ i use this at home and just bring my compact on the go.
hard to resist when they look so gorgeous! ended up buying this lippie as well.


Tiffany said...

Love this post! Looks like you got lots of goodies. :D I love your bags! Tassels ftw!

Joyce said...

where did you get the ba from?! SO CUTE ! zara?

Joyce400 said...


mqueenie said...

YES YES YES!! bot bags are from zara and are now prices at 49.99$!!! get on it before they sell out!! <3

saturnchen said...

Which Zara did you go? There's nothing left in dt =\ I love everything you bought, yes for sales! XD

mqueenie said...

i got the yellow flap bag at Zara downtown and the suede flap at Rockland. when i was at rockie a week and a half ago, there were like a million bags on sale!! :D