January 30, 2012


i might be going away soon so i got inspired to make these outfits up. i would probably be the 3rd outfit. what about you? which style suits you more?

January 27, 2012


Do you know what i hate most in this world? (besides worms, onions and a bunch of other things) FINISHING OTHER PEOPLE'S PROJECTS!!! why? well first of all, i have to postpone my own work schedule to accommodate this new random project thrown my way. I HATE when things don't go according to how i planned and last minute surprises. everything i do has an orderly manner, hence that is why i have my schedule. second, i'm a bit of a perfectionist (ok, make that a lot) when it comes to the things i present. everything has to be PERFECT, no less. for those who use Adobe Illustrator, you know those smart guides everyone hate? well i LOVE them and swear by them. i can't stand when the presentation is messy or not aligned properly. anchor points MUST BE MATCHING not almost matching and curves should be nice and smooth. everybody works differently and this is how i work. so whenever i see things that in my eye, not good enough, i will make changes and sometimes i end up re-doing everything, i can't help it. i think i have ocd when it comes to this. not only the things on the presentation page is important, but also how everything else is organized in files and folders. geez, it's not very hard to name your stuff properly or classify documents, i don't understand how people can just shove everything in one single folder and name it whatever they feel like.

these gifs totally capture my current feelings

to end things nicely,

the end :)

January 23, 2012


taking a short moment to wish you all a happy lunar new year!


let's give TD & Maya a round of applause as they recently got engaged!!! (end of 2011)
me and Long's besties will be tying the knot 10th of November, 2012! (10.11.12)
they decided to continue our game of numbers as we were 09.10.11 hehehe

ban yeuuu oi, this year is your year! don't stress, everything will be just perfect.
i'll always be there to support you no matter what. i love you guys so much. xox

HK image cr: sanrio fb page

Longchamp X Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou, designer darling has collaborated with Longchamp to release a collection of handbags inspired by the east. Lanterns and orchids adorn the classic pliages and other asian inspired elements such as temples are prettily incorporated in a modern digital print. These are perfectly in tune with the Lunar New Year as Colette, the famous french retailer has an exclusive pre-release for January 23rd. click here to purchase online.

image cr: longchamp

All the Good Stuff

you know what i realized? that i'm really good at browsing through end of season sales...or i'm just plain lucky. =D look at these cool buys, all under retail. hehe

how perfect is this sling bag that transforms into an oversize clutch? and it fit with my yellow post too!
i think i'm going through a tassell phase. sorry.
loving this cardigan to death <3 oversized...leopard...perfect.

mini chanel haul! yay ^V^

finally got around to buying this curler. i didn't even know it was released here already but i saw it and i couldn't hold back. my fave has always been the shu, but honestly speaking, this thing is kinda kicking my old one's butt. I LOVE THISSSSSSSSSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHH
since i was at the chanel counter already, might as well stock up on my poudre universelle compacte. the SA told me it was sold out so she suggested me to try the loose powder version instead. at first i had a hard time and spilled everywhere, but i'm trying to get used to it and i really like it! goes on light and sheer and my skin is baby soft. ^^ i use this at home and just bring my compact on the go.
hard to resist when they look so gorgeous! ended up buying this lippie as well.

January 21, 2012

Aveeno Fresh Essentials Review

Retail: under 20$ (got it for 17.99$ at walmart)
 contains SPF30, vitamin A, C & E
oil-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic

this moisturizer comes in a pump which i prefer over tubes and jars just because of its convenience. you dont need to squeeze it dry or poke your finger in a jar and get cream under your nails (major EWW). over the years, i've used a bunch of products for my skin and i can say that the quality of this moisturizer is almost up to par with those more expensive ones. after using it for a few weeks, i've noticed some difference in my skin and its texture. living in Canada, my skin often gets exposed to extreme climates. i get -25C outside but walk in an office or house where heaters are at full capacities, the difference is enormous and pollution isn't helping either. i used to be happy with my vitamin e gel, but it just wasnt enough for winter. i would get super dry areas on my face, but my T zone would still be oily. i was confused and just didn't know what to do anymore. when my daily moisturizer ran out, i happened to be at walmart and was browsing for a quick solution in the skincare department. i looked through a few but noticed this one had a "new" sticker on the shelf and it was on sale too. i bought it without thinking too much about it. i used it next morning and was just amazed! the color is matte white and it kinda looks like whipped cream. when i pumped it on my hand for the first time, i thought it would be super heavy but was blown away when i spread it on my skin. it was super light and absorbed into my skin in seconds. my mistake was i miscalculated and pumped a few times too much only to realize i didn't need that much to cover my face.

this product gets a A+++++ from me. i would definitely buy again to help me get through my winter.

January 17, 2012

Wildfox DayDream T's SS12

 Limited Edition T shirts of the designers personal photos ,
paintings, inspiration and favorite animals


cr: WF blog