December 11, 2012

November in a nutshell

so...what happened in November? MY BESTIES OF ALL TIME GOT HITCHED!!! yayyyy their big day was 10.11.12! =D even if we're already mid december, i felt like i needed to do a shout out on my blog so the world can share their joy too!
they were so busy and because we couldn't spend the whole day with them, i barely have any pictures of/with them. *le sigh

outfit for the reception in the evening
blazer: zara
bustier dress: bcbg
clutch: bcbg
pearl necklace: borrowed from my mother
earrings: chanel
his outfit
suit: zara
shirt w/ leatherette collar: zara
pocket square: blick
scarf: zara
dress shoes: hugo boss

2 of our silly photobooth pictures that night

CARSON's pictures in November! yay!!

he changes in every picture, it's crazy!
fish print onesie: baby gap
tshirt: burberry
trousers: burberry
shoes: baby mexx
dinosaur footie: baby gap
plush hat: baby gap
plush booties: baby gap
pacifier: born free
his favorite hat!
plush hat: baby gap
skateboard footie: pekkle
donning his 'stache for movember!
velour footie: baby gap
bib: h&m

QUEENIE picture update!
i turned a year older! i had a total of 4 birthday celebrations this year.
maybe i should start looking into wrinkle prevention products..before it's too late.
i selca a lot less now. my phone's full of carson's pictures! here are 2. O_O

thank you for reading..and sorry guys, if i dont update as often as before. i hope you understand!

November 08, 2012

Push Present: CHANEL

Long promised me to get me my 1st Chanel (my ultimate HG) as my push present. i've given birth at the end of September, but with the recovery time and the settling down with the new baby, we only went to the boutique 2 weeks ago. the bag i wanted was available in the back store, but upon inspection, i noticed 2 scratches on the inside. the SA knew i wasn't satisfied, so she said she'd order one from the head office for me and would call me once she receives it. last week, i got THE call, my bag was in!!! i asked her if there were any flaws on this new one and she said she didn't look at it yet because she wanted us to open the box together. we dropped by the boutique last Sunday...and OMFG...please see the pictures below while i go curl up into a ball and hyperventilate.


 Presenting my most treasured, most loved and Holy Grail of all handbags in my eyes:
Miss Maxi
[classic flap in classic black caviar] 


October 24, 2012

The Little Prince

hey everyone, sorry for not updating the blog sooner, but it's always better late than never. right...? here's what you've been waiting for, the official introduction of my little treasure!! ^^

Carson Lam

4-5 hours of deadly contractions + and 15 minutes of pushing=
this healthy little baby boy!!
it's a short update, but still... :D you might see him more and more on the blog from now on. 
see ya xox ^^

September 21, 2012

Where's ChoomBb?

i'm almost 38 weeks and baby is still no where in sight. we're all set and ready for him yet he's still shy. the doc told me it can go until 10 days after the estimated due date...honestly? i want to pop alreadyyyy!!! Baby Carson, come on out!!

September 11, 2012


anyone excited to see this collab in stores? louloumag just posted the whole collection online yesterday and i thought it'd be nice to list the price on the items for you. :)

i dont know if i can make it to the store, because the release date is October 4th and i'm due October 6th, but below are my fave pieces from the collection:


September 10, 2012

Maternity Photo Session

here are some photos from the maternity session we did with Purplest not long ago. the pictures came out to be very pretty and we couldn't be happier. Thanks to the hubby/wife team Richard and Shierly for their time and for making us laugh until our stomach hurt.