December 13, 2011


I've been asked to make a wishlist, but urghhh no one ever takes it seriously? WTH why askkkk. well i had fun making one anyways. And since i made one, might as well post it right?

here's what's on it (no particular order, but my MOST WANTED item is the JScott2NE1wings!!!!!):
-Marc by Marc Jacobs Wild Hearts iPhone case
-Marc by Marc Jacobs Jungle iPhone case
-Prada Saffiano zippered wallet in Peony
-Adidas by Jeremy Scott Wings hoodie
-2NE1 Nolza dvd
-Adidas by Jeremy Scott x 2NE1 Wings sneaks
-F21 giant polka dot sweater
-Zara platform bootie
-Soul by Ludacris SL-49 earbuds
-F21 mixed yarn sweater

oh and the wings hoodie that i never really got over. *sadface* we were supposed to go to Boston and b said he'd get me the Chrome Hearts one at Riccardi's, but we ended up not goingggg huhuhuhuhuh  and it really doesn't help that Bom sports it so well. urghhh love her, love the hoodieeee....


Jen said...


Why you so cool for. I want those 2NE1 x JS wings too~~ Ahh! I saw that hoodie before.. i should have bought it when I had the chance T.T

I like your wishlist ^.^

Lisa said...

omgosh the hot pink prada wallet is SOOO EFFIN' CUTE!! and that forever 21 giant polka dot sweater is so cute!!!!

just tututiny said...

Lovely items, they are all so beautiful!

I have a giveaway going on this week and would love for you to stop by and check it out ;)

Anonymous said...

Loveee the pink prada wallet! I was planning to get the Marc by Marc Jacob phone case but I got something else insteaddd. LOLL.

oh oh! I saw this cute case on ebay, & seriously it reminded me of you,

it's expensive, but SOOOOO GORGGG & cute.

Miss Queenie said...

Jen: JEN JEN JEN why am i cool? =P everybody wants the adidas wings!! they're just too awesome.

Lisa: the color is killer!! i totally gushed over it. my LV Sarah is slowly dying on me..the stithes are undoing!!! i scream for all things polka dot. its the epitome of cuteness!

just tututiny: i'll drop by, thanks!!

Anon: gahhhhhhhhh the iphone case is totally me!! thanks for linking!!