December 27, 2011

Queenie was nice!

don't judge me for loving this.
living in Canada, you can NEVER have too many sweaters.

one of the many shoes i've lusted over. Santa has good taste!!!

i dare you to mess with me while i have these on!

AND UHHHH........................



don't give me that look! i don't even care if you hate them!!! are some pix of when i opened the pressies
(yah i know i look like a ball of excitement):
i cried when i saw these.

and weeped even more when i saw these.
urghh how gorgeous. iloveyousantamamadada.

And what comes right after Christmas? why  BOXING DAY of course!!! after a 30 minutes line up in the cold outside Holts, we were finally let in at 1pm sharp. me and Amy just went straight to the last floor to check out the shoes. i was lucky to find these Miu Miu suede slingbacks in my size. i spotted them during the first markdown, but it still wasn't good enough for me since i didn't exactly 'need' them. Today was my lucky day!!! i got them even less than half of it's original price!!! well, merry belated xmas to me! yay!!!

Slingback and peeptoe? yes!

these are high but extremely comfy thanks to the platform.

these are closer to the color in real life. a kind of vintage rose with a touch of berry. urgh gorge!!

before dinner, i dropped by C&C to pick up some bbcreams and skinfood face scrubs. they had a buy 1 get 2nd half off deal. (ongoing until the 8th)

bye bye lovelies! xox ^^v
Anyone else got nice presents or did you find anything at Boxing Day?


Mishi said...

OMG... CAN your santa pls be my santa?!?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes.. I actually wanted the Jeremy Scott ones but I don't know how/when or what occasion I would wear them. looks like you got lots of goodies! Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Huang said...

OMIGAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD. THE ADIDAS SHOES ARE SO FREAKING AWESOOOOOOOOOME <333333 I love them. I want a new Santa!!! XDDD Your santa is the best one everrrrrrr. Omg.

Tiffany said...

-gasp- the JSx2ne1 shoes!!!! *o* Santa was definitely good to you this year! XD You'll be rocking those kicks like no other in the new year!

Ooh~ and those spiked heels! So 2ne1 toooo! Bad ass. haha.

mqueenie said...

i dont know if my parent's are willing to adopt hehehe and for the shoes, i have no idea how to wear them either. i'll just wait til spring comes and i'll try to figure out then. happy holidays to you too!! ^^

mqueenie said...

OMFG I KNOW RIGHTTTTT????? <333 urghh i feel so blessed! i must've been extra nice this year weeeee

mqueenie said...

i have them, but now i need to figure it out in terms of clothing to match with them lol with such crazy kicks, i think i better stay calm and wear something neutrals because i am not 2NE1 and i kennot pull off/afford the things they wear! lmao

Honey said...

OH MY ! I love your shoes shoes shoes!<3

Lisachen08 said...

omgosh i'm spoiled!! what about you?! bahahah.. i wish you lived closer.. because if you did we could combine our shoe closets!! i'm dying over your edelman's and your new miu miu peeptoe slingbakcs!!

omG you are so effin' cute where you are half jumping up and down while you are sitting down is FREAKIN' ADORBS!!!

mqueenie said...

omg i'd be too ashamed to even think about combining shoe closet with chu!!! you have a wonderful selection, each of them so special in their own way!! <3 love all your shoes!! <3<3

i've been wanting these sam edelman spiked shoes for so long but never wanted to dish out "that much" for well...sam i'm so cheap! and gahhhh thank you for loving my miumiu!!! i was so glad i found them!!!

lol that picture really capture my true reaction. i couldn't sit still. hahahaha