December 23, 2011

Lucky Charm

Just like TOP's blue bracelet, i hope these will bring you lotsa good luck. xox
[i heard his is from Paul Smith, and these aren' with it]

ok lol, i just added the 2nd, 3rd and 4th TOP out of pure pleasure. haha
TOP pic spam




if i was less lazy and more awesome, i would've hand made these for you guys, but i can barely keep up with my own blog guess its gonna be for another time. [source: click]


shinyprettythings said...

hehehe tis ok u did not make yourself...maybe for the better HAHAHA thank you so much aju!! will wear it errrday in TW & think of team byuntae :D

mqueenie said...

omfg i sent it all the way and you will ONLY wear it when in tw?? is this too fob for you so u dont wanna wear back in the states? huhuh hate chu~

Jennifer Huang said...

YAY TOP pic spam!! :D Seeing TOP wearing that bracelet makes me really want it XD Dammit!!

shinyprettythings said...

wth THAT's what u got frm what i wrote? lmao OTL aju! meant i'll wear it errrday, even when on vacay!! durrrrhh it's not fob so i can wear it in public in US ahahahhahaa

Mithachan said...

I want a pair T.T unfortunately I've no patience handmaking a bracelet