December 20, 2011

Boy Meets Girl

there are days i look like this...

finished with hair tucked in and all. i wonder if people walking behind me think i'm a boy or not.
some (VERY rare, especially in winter) other time, i look like this.

[the xmas party  i went to had a white theme. we had to somehow incorporate that into our outfits. it gave me a headache because there was no way in hell i was gonna wear a white dress. NO WAY. found my way around it hehe i wore this Club Monaco tuxedo jacket i bought a long time ago but never touched. it still had the tags and all lol]

you guys must be tired of seeing the same same makeup on me. this is the same-ish makeup i have during the day except darker. lol i dont know another way to do my makeup!!! if i try to be "daring" one day, i'll try something new, but it always end up looking weird on me so i remove it LIVE. T_______T" ohhh but this time i spiced it up with some lipstick muahaha, thats new and different right? *le sigh*

I like this jacket. it would be considered a cropped jacket for other girls, but on me, it falls on all the right places.

at first, i panicked because i thought i didn't own anything in i went to Simons and bought this feather hair clip. then i "found" my tuxedo jacket but still ended up wearing the clip anyways. it gave a nice feminine touch i think.


OMFG did you see??? [the tree is like 8' tall]

according to my little sister, this xmas is going to be one of the bestest xmas evarr. like...can it be tomorrow please? for now, i'm not even allowed to TOUCH my presents. wth is this rule??? not like i was gonna shake it to try and figure out what i got. (wait a minute, lmao yes i was hahahaha)

anywho...bai guys! xox


Jen said...

you look so cute! Haha, natural beauty either way ^^ I like your usual make-up, it looks great imo :D

mqueenie said...

thanks Jen! i'm glad you like my usual makeup, cuz thats the only one i know harharrr