December 06, 2011

At Last...

my man upped his game and surprised me this year! (i totally wrote a novel explaining how the surprise went about but urghhhh it was getting out of hand. i think pictures will be good enough lol)

i had a hard time thinking straight before settling for the one bag that was constantly on my wishlist. if i hadn't chosen this bag on that day, i knew i would eventually get it anyways. Thank you b for this wonderful bday gift! i love it so much. xox  

by now you should be able to tell which bag it is. hehe

presenting Miss Damier Alma :)

she's beautiful and personalized too! ^3^


that day, i also got this cute wolf sweater!

it's so freaking adorable and its studded.

my cutie nephew Jayden!!! how cute is he and look how he's all grown up now (2Y). he doesn't really talk yet but when i walk in, he stops whatever he's doing and runs towards me all happy and yells "tataaaa" (auntie in french). My inlaws told me that whenever he sees a pretty on TV, he points at her and says "tata" too lol. i guess he likes me lots. hehehe my sis-in-law said that at least all the presents i've given him have finally paid off. lmao i feel like i'm bribing his love.

a queenie blog post wouldn't be complete without a queenie selca right?

weekend outfit. in the winter time, dressing down > dressing up.
EDIT outfit: Moncler Bady / Wildfox sweatshirt / Zara shorts / Holt Renfrew MK 'Wild at Heart' leopard scarf / MBMJ Memphis bag / Australia Luxe Abbey booties.

'nough for today. buhbyeeeee xox

p.s. i had the choice between the Alma or a pair of Nude Biancas, did u find i made a good choice? i didnt get the shoes because 1) i wont be able to wear it until next summer. 2) i was planning on getting myself a pair in the spring anyways. :D

p.p.s dear anon, the bag my sister gave me is the Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Memphis' in shadow grey or you can get the more funky colorblocked one here.



where are your boots from?! soooo cute!!!!!

Lisa said...

ohhhhh queenie she's a beaut!! your hubby did good!!

your wolf sweater is adorbs on you!! i love your furry boots they are so freakin' cute!

i think it was good that you got the purse.. the shoes are less personal and like you said you can always get them yourself ;)!

missmercurylady said...

cute boots!!!! i wish i could pull those off!

tiffyama said...

Lovely post. Your new bag is gorgeous! :D Love your sweater as well. I've been into the slightly oversized look. So cute! And your nephew is adorable!

Anonymous said...

omgsh i am so jealous of your sure love the LV damier print huh!!! i would love love love to see your purse collection :) your hubby did excellent!

bubbleness said...

Such a gorgeous bag to add to your collection!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

the LV bag is GORGEOUS! and i love that wolf sweater your wearing!

Tiffany said...

I still am, and forever will be, jealous of your LV collection!

I love all your outfits! You should really teach me a thing or too about coordinating outfits! :)

Jen said...

LUB IT LOTS! Lovely bag.. :D Another addition to your lovely collection :) i like the wolf sweater too :3

Miss Queenie said...

MLIEMOUSE: heyy~ my boots are from Australia Luxe =D thank you!

Lisa: ohh girl!! thanks for all your positiveness! and yeah shoes are def not the same as a purse. ^^

missmercurylady: i dont even know if i can pull them off lol i just wear them because i love them. =P

tiffyama: yeah i'm really liking all the oversized tops. i feel it hides my flaws well lol. and i love wearing leggings or skinnies, so its just perfect.

anon: yeah i would have to say Damier is my fave in LV...its a little more subdued than the regular mono. :)

bubbleness: thank you!! i thought people would think the bag is more fitted for older ladies, so i'm happy ppl are liking this. yay!

donna: thank you sweetie!!

tiff: i really just wear the things i like!! it's easy if you just wear what you like and not care about the rest hehehe

Jen: thanks love!!~

miemiemie said...

heya doll! glad to see more updates! congrats on your new alma :) its a lovely addition to your damier collection

LadyC said...

Omo. You finally posted ur bday gift? Wae didn't you tell meh???? Huhuhu. But it's so pwetttyyyyy. You made a good choice going with the bag ^^

Love the weekend outfit too. Aju so kyuuuute

Emily said...

I love your LV!! Is it a pm ou mm?