December 30, 2011

1 Picture

still waiting on my formal wedding pictures, thought i'd share this one in the meantime. it's from the shoot we had in VN last feb. one of my favorite.

December 27, 2011

Queenie was nice!

don't judge me for loving this.
living in Canada, you can NEVER have too many sweaters.

one of the many shoes i've lusted over. Santa has good taste!!!

i dare you to mess with me while i have these on!

AND UHHHH........................



don't give me that look! i don't even care if you hate them!!! are some pix of when i opened the pressies
(yah i know i look like a ball of excitement):
i cried when i saw these.

and weeped even more when i saw these.
urghh how gorgeous. iloveyousantamamadada.

And what comes right after Christmas? why  BOXING DAY of course!!! after a 30 minutes line up in the cold outside Holts, we were finally let in at 1pm sharp. me and Amy just went straight to the last floor to check out the shoes. i was lucky to find these Miu Miu suede slingbacks in my size. i spotted them during the first markdown, but it still wasn't good enough for me since i didn't exactly 'need' them. Today was my lucky day!!! i got them even less than half of it's original price!!! well, merry belated xmas to me! yay!!!

Slingback and peeptoe? yes!

these are high but extremely comfy thanks to the platform.

these are closer to the color in real life. a kind of vintage rose with a touch of berry. urgh gorge!!

before dinner, i dropped by C&C to pick up some bbcreams and skinfood face scrubs. they had a buy 1 get 2nd half off deal. (ongoing until the 8th)

bye bye lovelies! xox ^^v
Anyone else got nice presents or did you find anything at Boxing Day?

December 23, 2011

Lucky Charm

Just like TOP's blue bracelet, i hope these will bring you lotsa good luck. xox
[i heard his is from Paul Smith, and these aren' with it]

ok lol, i just added the 2nd, 3rd and 4th TOP out of pure pleasure. haha
TOP pic spam




if i was less lazy and more awesome, i would've hand made these for you guys, but i can barely keep up with my own blog guess its gonna be for another time. [source: click]

December 20, 2011

Boy Meets Girl

there are days i look like this...

finished with hair tucked in and all. i wonder if people walking behind me think i'm a boy or not.
some (VERY rare, especially in winter) other time, i look like this.

[the xmas party  i went to had a white theme. we had to somehow incorporate that into our outfits. it gave me a headache because there was no way in hell i was gonna wear a white dress. NO WAY. found my way around it hehe i wore this Club Monaco tuxedo jacket i bought a long time ago but never touched. it still had the tags and all lol]

you guys must be tired of seeing the same same makeup on me. this is the same-ish makeup i have during the day except darker. lol i dont know another way to do my makeup!!! if i try to be "daring" one day, i'll try something new, but it always end up looking weird on me so i remove it LIVE. T_______T" ohhh but this time i spiced it up with some lipstick muahaha, thats new and different right? *le sigh*

I like this jacket. it would be considered a cropped jacket for other girls, but on me, it falls on all the right places.

at first, i panicked because i thought i didn't own anything in i went to Simons and bought this feather hair clip. then i "found" my tuxedo jacket but still ended up wearing the clip anyways. it gave a nice feminine touch i think.


OMFG did you see??? [the tree is like 8' tall]

according to my little sister, this xmas is going to be one of the bestest xmas evarr. like...can it be tomorrow please? for now, i'm not even allowed to TOUCH my presents. wth is this rule??? not like i was gonna shake it to try and figure out what i got. (wait a minute, lmao yes i was hahahaha)

anywho...bai guys! xox

December 14, 2011

Wrapped Up

Men in scarves = Automatic Swag. If it goes around more than twice, it's perfect. Be it wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, printed or solid you'll always look good with it no matter what. So, stop being a wimp and wrap yourself up! No it is not girly and people won't call you 'gay' if you wear one. You'll be warm and sickless and your ladies will thank you.

image cr: jak&jil

December 13, 2011


I've been asked to make a wishlist, but urghhh no one ever takes it seriously? WTH why askkkk. well i had fun making one anyways. And since i made one, might as well post it right?

here's what's on it (no particular order, but my MOST WANTED item is the JScott2NE1wings!!!!!):
-Marc by Marc Jacobs Wild Hearts iPhone case
-Marc by Marc Jacobs Jungle iPhone case
-Prada Saffiano zippered wallet in Peony
-Adidas by Jeremy Scott Wings hoodie
-2NE1 Nolza dvd
-Adidas by Jeremy Scott x 2NE1 Wings sneaks
-F21 giant polka dot sweater
-Zara platform bootie
-Soul by Ludacris SL-49 earbuds
-F21 mixed yarn sweater

oh and the wings hoodie that i never really got over. *sadface* we were supposed to go to Boston and b said he'd get me the Chrome Hearts one at Riccardi's, but we ended up not goingggg huhuhuhuhuh  and it really doesn't help that Bom sports it so well. urghhh love her, love the hoodieeee....

December 08, 2011

'Tis the season

December is here! We set our xmas tree up right after my birthday teehee. i even wanted to get a tree before that, but it just didn't feel right. How do you find it? Hubs was putting the hooks on the ornaments and i put it on the tree. it was just the 2 of us and our xmas tree. <3 [at first he didnt even wanna buy one, i convinced him we absolutely needed one and once the tree was all dolled up, he couldnt help but just stare at it. lol]

lights and hearts and glitters, all the things i like!


seeing him smile like this next to the tree, it's hard to believe he didn't want one at first. lol

M21 surprised him with a birthday cake this year! but i get the credit of choosing the flavor lol. RED VELVET CAKEEEE i think i might've enjoyed this cake more than him hahaha

 i have to admit that i had a really hard time this year with his birthday present. he has everything!!! x__x" what do you get a person who has tons of clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches...i went with the safe choice, more clothes (need to take a pic of his walk-in closet some day, he has the entire master bedroom's walk-in to himself and he's gonna run out of space soon wth). lmao i bought him another another Moncler puffer in black shiny to match with me and this DSquared sweatshirt above. He doesn't need a winter jacket, but he said he had planned to buy a red Goose and i was a bit against that because i dont think it fits his style. thats why i got him the Moncler instead. And he's been eyeing this sweatshirt ever since it came out but never got around to buying it so there ya go.

while shopping for his bday gift, i bought myself an early xmas pressie!!! pretty ballerinas! ^^ they're so lovely i can't wait to wear them.

ending this post with an emo selca.