November 07, 2011

Random Thangs

as the title states, this is really just a mashup of random pictures found on my phone. =D don't expect too much from it, you might be disappointed hehe.

i honestly only wanted to post the picture above because it says over the TOP. lol i dont know why i get so excited when i see that word. so sorry, i lied, i totally know why i get all worked up hahaha. (see how random? at least i warned you)

in the back you can see a part of my ikea closet system. i have 2 of those and planned on getting a bookshelf in between for my bags. =D and yup thats the over the TOP mirror. i wanted a huge full length one, but i have a sliding it kinda takes up the wall space next to the doorway. kennot put mirror there. =|

hullo ^_^v

i am so in love with my vanity table/area. urghh so gorgeous i can just sit here and look at this picture all day long. hehe

teehee, lookie my shelf in the back!! =D i'm so happy!! all ikea stuff in my walk-in room.

my little sister got me this curler when we were at Winners last week. i went home and a few days later, i tried it and LOVED it!!! i told her to get herself one as well, so we went back today. i just realized that it had a suggested retail price at 249.95$ and the price at Winners was 34.95$. so yeah..if you see this, grab it. works fab and its darn cheap compared to the original price. or you could be baller and get it from their site for 149.95$.

i haven't posted a picture of Tatsu in a long long long long time. so here he is, as cute as ever. healthy and heavier than he should be. blame it on my dad for overfeeding him. v__v"

i dont know if anyone remembers my VERY angry tweet when i lost these Club Monaco dominatrix shorty gloves? well, guess what...i found them...a year later. T_____T" i bet these things only happen to me. who in the world loses something for a complete YEAR??? sometimes, i truly question myself.

look at this cutie!!! we were at the Sephora store in Laval and stumbled on this cute palette that was on sale for 25 bucks (was originally 64)!! =D also a little gift from Amy.

too cute to use.

the only picture of my halloween outfit. :| can you guess what i was dressed as? T__T"

ok last random picture for today. ^^ xox

8 comments: said...

-2nd photo is the cutest. I dont know why. Maybe the heels, the pose. Lovely.

-I need one of these over the top door mirror with metal hooks! I dont have a full sized mirror anymore, I have to go downstairs to the lobby.

-I like your chair very much.

Hope you are well~

Jen said...

You have an awesome closet :O love the organisation.... your outfits are so cute too! ^^

ShinyPrettyThings said...

gurrrr what kinda azn r u? wearing shooz in the house?! hahahha your costume looks pretty good!! but you're right, kinda look like an anime character though lmao no wonder u had so many young boyz tryna hollah at chu!

OtherMix said...

I like the pair of pants or leggings you are wearing in photo number two!

Anonymous said...

i like your cartier love ring ;)

Elegance said...

i love your organization for the closets!

nugudugu said...

your vanity is gorgeous! ;A;
and your selcas are so cute~! ^^

Miss Queenie said...

KEFUNN: 1.thank you for the compliment, do you not find the pose weird? 2.i got the over the top mirror from Canadian Tire (ew) for 25bucks. =D 3.i totally misread as hair and was happy although i didn't do anything special to it, then i realized it said chair. T___T" i fail, i know.

Maknae: *gasp* i totally got scolded at when i had my booties on. but the pix in my closet, i walked quietly so he didn't hear muahahahha. the young boys didnt understand the meaning of me flashing my ring in their faces. at what age do they start to realize a ring on that finger means a gurr is taken? that or they didnt give a damn. i dont know.

OtherMix: thank you! they are skinny jeans =D

Anonymous: thanks a lot, you have good eyes! hehe

Elegance: it's the ikea Stolmen closet system and the Billy bookcase for my bags. here are the link:( (

nugudugu: thank you!! ^^v