November 28, 2011

365 later...

Sunday, 11.20.11

This time of the year is often headache blitz for our close ones. haha double birthday, double thinking for gifts, double everythinggg. HAPPY BDAY to my little sister Amy!!! ^^

A year has gone by so quickly, it's unbelievable. This time last year, i was having my engagement photoshoot, preparing for my wedding and just running all over the place. Now that the big event is over, i can fully focus on life and it's little surprises again. i thought we'd have our cake on Monday (which was the real date for our birthday), so i didn't expect anything on Sunday night. we were doing our things and cleaning up the restaurant and at some point, i was about to go to the bathroom when i heard people singing Happy Birthday. lol i basically forgot i needed to go and just ran out like a crazy person. (please see excitement displayed in the picture above) her present to me!!! is it gorgeous or what!!!??? i'm so in love with this bag!! she knew i've wanted a satchel for a long long time.

honestly speaking, i didnt wanna do anything for my birthday this year. i dont know what happened, blame it on age. we opted for a quiet dinner at L'Appartement, who turned out to be not so quiet after all. we were seated under a speaker box v____v" and had to practically scream for the others to hear us. it's all good, food was good and friends were there so.. :)

b looks a little lost

me & bestie!
poulet de cornouaille (MAJOR YUM)
uhhh the xmas tree in the back is getting all the attention!!
Vera Wang's Lovestruck from QD!! yeahh one more in my collection =D

Bestie asked me what i wanted, i gave her a wishlist with a few F21xHK items thinking she'd get me one, but she ended up buying everything i wanted awww thank youuu beuhb!! <3
she threw in a beanie as well. i bought the socks last sunday
and this sweatshirt too! teehee

Can you guess what Hubby gave me?
Hint 1: it has been on my permanent wishlist for AGES
Hint 2: it's a classic and has been around for AGES as well

reveal soon!   


Isabel said...

Happy birthday! Those HK stuff are cute.. Especially that beanie omg x.x

ShinyPrettyThings said...

hehehe herro kitty explosion on my blog post too. team byuntae vibe is goin strong ^o^

looks like u had a awesome bday aju! holy crap u practically hv the entire f21xHK collection now, & I'M the HK addict here...i think you're almost on the same level as me now XD

ok, u bettah show me what Long got u before the others see!!! ME SPESHUL!

Lisa said...

aww happy belated birthday hon!! omgosh all your new HK stuff is so freakin' adorable!! i love that red preppy cardigan on you!

OPEN OPEN OPEN!! new handbags are so exciting!! hahah :) i love your "purse shelf" in the background!!!

hummingstereo said...

Your birthday cake is from the pastry shop where I work! :D

Miss Queenie said...

Isabel: the beanie is supah cute but in all honesty, i dont know if i can pull it off!! T____T" huhuhu

Maknae: imma go spam your comment box on you hk post! brb oh and yeah...i WILL let you and crys know before everyone else!! your tits need to be calmed gurl!!

Lisa: thanks lisa for bday wishes!! yeah i couldn't resist the HK collection although it looks a "little" childish hehe. the closet system is from ikea and so is the book/bag shelf! ^^v

hummingstereo: really? thats so cool! i love Gascogne cakes, we buy the indulgent for every birthday in my fam!! =D

Emily said...

Happy belated birthday to you and your sister!!

Is your LV gift a Palermo or Alma? You are so lucky!!

Jian said...

Wahhh looks like you both had a great birthday! <3 Is it just me..or is your little sister wearing the same top that Dorothy just bought as well! They are matching-matching!

Sooo lucky to have had such a lovely surprise and such lovely gifts! Can't wait what's in the LV bag.!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I was wondering where the satchel is from! It's gorgeous!