November 28, 2011


need a breather. thank you.

365 later...

Sunday, 11.20.11

This time of the year is often headache blitz for our close ones. haha double birthday, double thinking for gifts, double everythinggg. HAPPY BDAY to my little sister Amy!!! ^^

A year has gone by so quickly, it's unbelievable. This time last year, i was having my engagement photoshoot, preparing for my wedding and just running all over the place. Now that the big event is over, i can fully focus on life and it's little surprises again. i thought we'd have our cake on Monday (which was the real date for our birthday), so i didn't expect anything on Sunday night. we were doing our things and cleaning up the restaurant and at some point, i was about to go to the bathroom when i heard people singing Happy Birthday. lol i basically forgot i needed to go and just ran out like a crazy person. (please see excitement displayed in the picture above) her present to me!!! is it gorgeous or what!!!??? i'm so in love with this bag!! she knew i've wanted a satchel for a long long time.

honestly speaking, i didnt wanna do anything for my birthday this year. i dont know what happened, blame it on age. we opted for a quiet dinner at L'Appartement, who turned out to be not so quiet after all. we were seated under a speaker box v____v" and had to practically scream for the others to hear us. it's all good, food was good and friends were there so.. :)

b looks a little lost

me & bestie!
poulet de cornouaille (MAJOR YUM)
uhhh the xmas tree in the back is getting all the attention!!
Vera Wang's Lovestruck from QD!! yeahh one more in my collection =D

Bestie asked me what i wanted, i gave her a wishlist with a few F21xHK items thinking she'd get me one, but she ended up buying everything i wanted awww thank youuu beuhb!! <3
she threw in a beanie as well. i bought the socks last sunday
and this sweatshirt too! teehee

Can you guess what Hubby gave me?
Hint 1: it has been on my permanent wishlist for AGES
Hint 2: it's a classic and has been around for AGES as well

reveal soon!   

November 17, 2011


credit: CM

New[ish] Thangs

One Teaspoon
"Vogue" washed leather jacket
buy here or here
i'm loving every detail. the leather is as soft
as my Mackage and Mike&Chris ^o^
Thank you boo ^3^
Sephora VIB event buys:
Lancome Cils Booster XL
Lancome Hypnose Drama in Excessive Black
Clinique Acne Solution cleansing foam
Club Monaco printed silk shirt
La Senza leopard PJs
Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte
new PJs weeeee ^o^

November 07, 2011

Random Thangs

as the title states, this is really just a mashup of random pictures found on my phone. =D don't expect too much from it, you might be disappointed hehe.

i honestly only wanted to post the picture above because it says over the TOP. lol i dont know why i get so excited when i see that word. so sorry, i lied, i totally know why i get all worked up hahaha. (see how random? at least i warned you)

in the back you can see a part of my ikea closet system. i have 2 of those and planned on getting a bookshelf in between for my bags. =D and yup thats the over the TOP mirror. i wanted a huge full length one, but i have a sliding it kinda takes up the wall space next to the doorway. kennot put mirror there. =|

hullo ^_^v

i am so in love with my vanity table/area. urghh so gorgeous i can just sit here and look at this picture all day long. hehe

teehee, lookie my shelf in the back!! =D i'm so happy!! all ikea stuff in my walk-in room.

my little sister got me this curler when we were at Winners last week. i went home and a few days later, i tried it and LOVED it!!! i told her to get herself one as well, so we went back today. i just realized that it had a suggested retail price at 249.95$ and the price at Winners was 34.95$. so yeah..if you see this, grab it. works fab and its darn cheap compared to the original price. or you could be baller and get it from their site for 149.95$.

i haven't posted a picture of Tatsu in a long long long long time. so here he is, as cute as ever. healthy and heavier than he should be. blame it on my dad for overfeeding him. v__v"

i dont know if anyone remembers my VERY angry tweet when i lost these Club Monaco dominatrix shorty gloves? well, guess what...i found them...a year later. T_____T" i bet these things only happen to me. who in the world loses something for a complete YEAR??? sometimes, i truly question myself.

look at this cutie!!! we were at the Sephora store in Laval and stumbled on this cute palette that was on sale for 25 bucks (was originally 64)!! =D also a little gift from Amy.

too cute to use.

the only picture of my halloween outfit. :| can you guess what i was dressed as? T__T"

ok last random picture for today. ^^ xox