October 17, 2011


The title made you confused yeah? you thought i was talking about something else didn't you?! Pervv!! jk jk...lol

As a long time fan of Mackage, i almost gagged when i found their long lost twins at the "House" of Rudsak. i guess bad habits are hard to get rid of. *cough* M0851 *cough* maybe i'm being too hard or plain bitter...or maybe they should just change designers.

what do you think?

picture credit: mackage , rudsak


Rachel said...

I agree with you! Rudsak's look so ugly compared to Mackage, and cheaper might I add!

ShinyPrettyThings said...

lol i was shopping w Crys & told her i wanted to check out some Mackage stuff but i pronounced it all American & shes like >.> it's Ma-ckAHge HAHAHA ohhh you frenchies! ahhh i want $$$$ so i can buy a mackage jacket. they're so freaking awesome!

Miss Queenie said...

Rachel: if it can't even look good in the photoshoot...i wonder what it will look like in real life :(

Maknae: HOW do you pronounce it in "american"??? lol stop deforming our vocab!! you HAVE $$$$ to buy it, stop lying bro!!

Swtess said...

Yeah those Rudsak looks so blah compared to the Mackage.

I was actually thinking of getting one this winter but still deciding between that or Moncler for this year. People have been telling me that Moncler is really warm but I haven't heard anything about Mackage yet. What is your opinion?

Miss Queenie said...

Moncler is the warmest winter jacket i own! but the Mackage puffy comes pretty close. i can wear tshirts and sweat in both. but if you're looking for something warm, do avoid Mackage wools, they're more fitted for fall than winter. ^^