October 07, 2011

Things I Need

Or Not...

damn you ssense for always making me want things...

cr: ssense


binnacolada ★ said...

:O What scarves are those? They kinda remind me of the ones Bom from 2ne1 wore (Christopher Kane)

Mirramoni said...

But oh my gosh the shoes are SO cute. <3 How could anyone not need them? ~

And the shirts. ahhh want! ;A;

Stephanie Ayu said...

hi there! this is my first time to your blog!

i really enjoy this fashion board thing. I actually wanted those pair of marc jacobs snow boots but my boyfriend was like...you don't snowboard so you'd look stupid wearing them in the street.

this is true because we don't go to the snow much from LA. haha

well anyways, I wanted to introduce myself as your newest fan. I hope we can be bloggin buddies :)


Miss Queenie said...

binnacolada: scarves from left to right McQueen, McQueen, Suno =D

Mirramoni: gahhh i know!! so freaking sexy!!

Stephanie Ayu: oh haiii! welcome to my blog. those are from Moncler but yeah MBMJ makes them every year. I own a pair of Burberry moonboots from 2006-2007 and have gotten compliments every time i wear the out. Canadian winters are harsh so they're perfect even off the slopes! ^^ whats the lowest temp LA ever got?