October 03, 2011


i would so love to say that this picture is a tease for you guys, but in fact, it was also a tease for me!!! Out of my whole wedding, this single picture was posted up on One-Blink's blog. dot. dot. dot...WTH SUCH A TEASE, WAE NOT POST MORE THAN THIS PIC??? they probably want me to die from anticipation or something. thats all cool, as long as the pix come out good...yeah?

they also did a short videoclip of my wedding, but i'm holding on to that until i post pix from our cameras. i think a video reveals way much, so that's why i'm gonna post it at the end. for those who have seen it already (fb), boohoooo you're no fun! lol

ok ily, see ya soon! xox

p.s. i'll be living in the ice age for another half month because stupid internet/cable company can't come earlier. thank god for 3G.

p.p.s. married life is freaking weird. lol blissful but weird. i guess it takes time to get used to. for now i'm still an apprentice wifuh. so much to learn, i feel like i've been suddenly thrown into adulthood. should i start a sub category to my blog named "LWL" (Living with the LAMs)? there are already 2 major fails i could write about...

picture credit: One-Blink


ShinyPrettyThings said...

what...like your popcorn incident? AAAAHAHAHAHAHA still funny. sorry to bring up again lmao, kennot help it! looking fwd to LWLs. put that rice cooker to use yo! (pssst remember to wash the rice first, i almost forgot the first time i made rice ^o^)

i am slightly worried what the pictures from your cameras look like. hopefully all your photogs already went home by the time i went full-on cray cray.

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Thats a beautiful pic of a tease.. haha u must be dying to see them so bad. Im sure theyll turn out great.

Added you not that long ago on fb.. So I can see mre lovely pics an keep updated.


Jen said...

That tease is a great picture.. it actually is a tease!! They look absolutely gorgeous~ ^^

Karen said...

that itself is a beautiful beautiful picture. can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

So was those shoes comfy for the whole day??