October 20, 2011

JeremyScott X 2NE1

Jeremy Scott might have fallen in love with 2NE1! Scott's Adidas line will include these collab shoes. They will be available this coming november at select Adidas Originals stores worldwide. One more proof that the girls have clearly made it!! ^o^

the shoes are of an interesting mix of color blocking and faux pony hair. Very 2NE1 looking but very not wearable for average people like me and you. lol

[Dara's me2day update]
[Bom's twitter update]

all satin wings which will be released right after.

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Jen said...

My two favourite things have collab-ed! These shoes are the shizznit. They're currently only available in selected stores in Korea right? I can't wait until the Satin wings are released & sold here in NZ :D