September 14, 2011


so i guess we're now officially off the meat market. ;)

i just wanted to drop a few lines to update you all. September 10th was our wedding day (in case some of you missed my constant spazzing and gushing about that day). it was such a beautiful day with perfect weather. the planning and the stressing really paid off, i felt like i was in a fairytale. i guess we can now say: "And they lived happily ever after..." lol so corny! i'll post pix we took and official pix from One-Blink when i get them.

we're still moving things into our new condo, i'll also post some pictures when everything is settled. other than that, we're going to be away for a week on our honeymoon and when we get back, it's gonna be our housewarming partay. so there wont be any updates soon. =( so sorry.

i hope all of you are well, you can drop me a line whenever...on here or twitter. =D
i'll see you soon, guys!!

Queenie xox

p.s. picture credit goes to: Tomo! thank you, boy!!