August 25, 2011

L'Enfant Terrible

i went to a private viewing of JPG's exhibition at MBAM .I honestly didn't expect much because the YSL left me sour last time. it was just clothes on mannequins and nothing more. It was so boring that it made the clothes look bleh too.

THIS WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME!!! its really worth it, you wont feel like you wasted your precious time!!! the concept was entertaining because the mannequin's faces were animated, they were projected on. wth right? oh...and they TALKED and sang. T___T" (the singing ones scared the hell out of me though). Monsieur Gaultier('s mannequin)
my fave JPG look will always be the nautical look.

this dress is really amazing, it looked like leo skin, but when you get near, it's actually beaded. i remember it took 1600 hours to make.

well, Mr.Gaultier really lives up to his L'Enfant Terrible nickname.

anyhow...all this to say that it was a great exhibition and you should see it. I loved it so much i bought the book. =D

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Aurélie-m0851 said...

I saw the exhibit in Montreal it was amazing !