August 25, 2011

L'Enfant Terrible

i went to a private viewing of JPG's exhibition at MBAM .I honestly didn't expect much because the YSL left me sour last time. it was just clothes on mannequins and nothing more. It was so boring that it made the clothes look bleh too.

THIS WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME!!! its really worth it, you wont feel like you wasted your precious time!!! the concept was entertaining because the mannequin's faces were animated, they were projected on. wth right? oh...and they TALKED and sang. T___T" (the singing ones scared the hell out of me though). Monsieur Gaultier('s mannequin)
my fave JPG look will always be the nautical look.

this dress is really amazing, it looked like leo skin, but when you get near, it's actually beaded. i remember it took 1600 hours to make.

well, Mr.Gaultier really lives up to his L'Enfant Terrible nickname.

anyhow...all this to say that it was a great exhibition and you should see it. I loved it so much i bought the book. =D

August 16, 2011


OMG i don't know what happened, this post was lost in my drafts for so long...about time to post it!!!
ok so a few months back (April), i registered to be part of the official 2NE1 fanclub. i waited and waited and nothing came. One fine Sunday, i woke up and out of the blues, i see this box next to me on my bed. I was surprised because i didnt know what the box contained so i opened it SUPAH slowly. to my surprise it was my 2NE1 fan pack!!! OMFG the box was already opened and i just remembered someone rang the bell on friday night but i was home alone and was too scared to open so i guess they just left this out the front door. And since i always use the car, i always go out by the garage door!!! so my parents probably picked this box up when they got home. The mailman left it at the wrong address. i ALMOST didnt get my fanpack!! T___T"
first thing i saw: this paper saying YG on it. was just too giddy =D

MY FRREAKING LIGHTSTICK!! case i get to go to their concerts. lol

and yaknow what? THERE'S EVEN MY NAME ON IT!! =D

gorgeous girls! ^^

BJ card
and holder
lightstick in action! TEEHEE!! =D

this summer, i also ordered a BB photoset. I knew some of them were signed, but i never thought that out of thousands and thousands of fans, i'd be one of the few who got a signed photo!! actually they signed 100 in total, but they're 5 members, so that means each members signed 20 only and i got ONE!! heheh
this was the pic i put in the frame at first.
but then, i tweeted about having this and wanting to do an exchange for TOP's autographed pic! A VIP from Australia tweeted me saying she has TOP and she's willing to switch with me because she's IN LOVE with daesung...
a week later, this was in my hands. ^^

now proudly sitting on my shelf and we lived happily ever after. =D
the end. lol