July 27, 2011

Me & Team Cray

i dont often post pix of me without makeup, so look at this as much as you want because i wont post another one anytime soon! hehehe i know i'm cheating with circle lens and its a profile view...but i just wanted to show my skin the morning after my weekly MBD mask session. =D

played with my nephew Jayden before heading out. this little guy grows so fast, he's almost 2 now. do you guys remember his newborn pic? omg when i compare, he looks nothing like his younger self. he's so cute and can't stop kissing me whenever i'm around. it's hard to take a pic of him now because he's just all over the place and can't stop moving. this is the best i could do.

we were desperately looking for a coffee table that day...we just walked in and out of so many furniture stores but still didn't find any that fit our taste and budget. T____T" still on the hunt! saw this full length mirror and thought i'd take a pic for OOTD. =] CM tunic (worn as a dress), French Connection black cami dress under, silver havaianas.


i find it so awesome how people can meet and connect through social media. Because we share the same interest (BB), me, CS and DT started tweeting almost every day. We started spazzing at a specific time, but as our relationship became more "serious" (lmao), our schedule became...non existant. Now, we spazz and talk about the most random stuff you could ever think of at any time of the day, even with our timezone diff. We used to be team cray but recently changed our crew name...ahemm...

Since CS lives in the same city as me, we already met a first time. When she came back from Cali, she brought me a Minnie Mouse stuffed toy =D This time, she said she ordered BB socks and bought an extra set for me!! ^^ We finally met a second time and got to talk a little more. Poor bf, who was just walking and listening to us blab about BB. lol took this pic before we went separate ways!! wish i could meet maknae too but she lives in Cali so...we'll meet in 2012 ;)
my freaking cute BigBang socks =D thank you agashiii ily
i bought these cute earrings at Aldo Acc and gave her a pair ^^v


this pic makes me wanna go on vacay so bad!!!
that night, we went to eat at one of our fave terrasse in the old port.

i didnt buy anything at the sidewalk sale because it was collections from 10 years ago...instead we walked out the adidas originals store with these super cute sneakers. my bf knows i dont wear sneaks often but he still bought them for me because he saw how much i was drawn to them.
Forum Mid Kawaii
next day i went back to get this polka dotted firebird track jacket. WAY too cute.
and it's the jacket CL is wearing for their I Am the Best dance practice vid. =D


last week, i came back from work and ran to my mailbox to check if my BigShow dvd has arrived or not, turns out a small parcel from the states was waiting for me. i was so happy and giddy! i love receiving stuff in the mail!! it was from my little maknae. Her aunt from TW visited so she received a BUNCH of masks and skin products. me and agashi nagged her until she told us she'd send us some. hehehehe *trick* if you keep bugging, you shall get what you want!
writing this for the world to see that i'm old yet finishing up with a heart to make me feel less bad about my age. lol
her note to me =D
maskssss!! yay!! oh and i got some candy too, but Long stole them and ate them all before i could try them. wth.

anyways, i love my team Crayyy so machieee =D can't wait for 2012!!!

very random post, but i had to share. xox


ShinyPrettyThings said...

i am surprised there is no spazzing at all about the TOP mag u got today.

nice honeymoon pic. bettah make room for me in the next one bitchezzzz \^o^/♫♫

its weird seeing my handwriting on the internet...

p-lines ftw!! *o*

joey ♔ said...

where did u buy that hat?? i love it!

Miss Queenie said...

Maknae: i'll spazz in another post!! have to do things in order yknow?? your handwriting is supah cute.. =D yeah well u said you'd fly over for our montreal meet, and u didn't so....it's not our fault!! hmmphhh, we'll only get to take pix with u next year yo!

joey: i bought that hat that same day at Zara Men for 10 bucks hehe

Jenny Thay @ JennyThay.blogspot.com said...

your outfits are so adorable! and you're very pretty =)

new follower!


Anonymous said...

i thought you're viet.. why all the wannabe korean talk?

Anonymous said...

lol. I think I may be stupid but what does CM stand for? Or is the brand just CM? I love that tunic though and it looks great on you =P

Miss Queenie said...

heyyy Jenny! thanks for following! =]

i am, but if i use viet, they wont understand. lol

of course you're not stupid! it could stand for anything. hehe in my case, CM is for Club Monaco. i shop there a lot so i just assumed it was fine to only use CM ^^