July 05, 2011

Falling back...

for the last month, my hands were itching for shopping like crazy! maybe it was because YG didn't release any new merchandise, i've fallen (for a moment,) back into my old shopaholic ways. No worries guys, i did not go overboard and i got some pretty good deals too. :)

here are my fave purchases from the month of June:
M60 "Britpop"
omg i think this might be my favorite jacket of the moment. it might look slightly badass-ish, but paired with a frilly dress, it just looks perfect!!

rivets, eyelets, studs...i like!
M60 Nu Metal skinnies

Mackage "Bebe" in camel
my mother bought this jacket along with the next jackets for me & Amy to share. she said the Bebe looks better on me because its shorter than Oceana(yes, my lil sis is taller than me, *sadface*), so it should be mine and the other, to my sis..but we can switch it up. :) she picked these jackets out herself! i love me mama. ^^
Mackage "Oceana" in black with silver hardware

i bought the Mackage "Wolf" for Longie, he has lots of black leather jackets already, so i thought a grey one would look nice in his wardrobe.

another sample sale find! this lace coat is from a few seasons ago, but a gorgeous piece is still a gorgeous piece even if time goes by.

Bebe worn

Oceana worn

Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie perfume from Clarins sample sale!!
Rabito case from store in chinatown

(i named him Tabito, in honor of Tabiiii bb hehe)

this past weekend there was an extra 30% off merchendise on sale at CM for Canada Day, so i snatched these 2 pieces:

silk tunic
(SUPER TRANSPARENT, so i need to wear a tank dress under or it could also double as a swim cover-up too)

shorts that look like a skirt =]

we dropped by Rockie after brunch last Sunday and my sis bought me this La Senza bikini. on sale for dirt cheap! 6.99$ a piece plus more % off at the cash. niceee thank you sister!!

another chinatown find! cuteee teddy scarf! ^o^

a friend of mine went back to Japan for vacation and i asked him to look for these 2 albums for me. when he brought these back, my eyes lit up and i was as excited as a kid on christmas morning! thank you TL!!! (i was so excited when i asked him to get these that i totally forgot to ask for some magazines!! T___T)



OtherMix said...

I like the punk items! ;]

Atif said...

These Dresses are lovely....

suki pooki said...

Wah! The rabito cover for you iphone is adorable!!! I've been drooling over those, but since I don't have an iphone (yet) Im just going to have to stick with my phone case lol and that bear scarf is adorable!

P.s what a sweet sister~!

Anonymous said...

Hi Queenie.
I was wondering, how much was that Mackage BEBE Jacket? I want to purchase one too, but maybe prices in stores are better? The price via Mackage website is $525.. is it a good deal? HELP please ;) thanks

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous: how much was the jacket in store? the mackage eshop sells it for 525 and thats the cheapest i found. maybe in the stores the sales are better.

shirrrley said...

These are some amazing mackage purchases!!! Please do some outfit posts soon :)