June 20, 2011


I've had this post in the draft for the past few weeks but never got around to posting. Looks like no one else will take care of it except me, so i'm posting!! ;) if i didn't do it today...i have no idea when i'll do it or maybe it'll just end up in the trash. i know myself pretty well. lol

So...how have you all been lately? it's been ages...my followers keep growing but the amount of comments keep decreasing. how depressing! but mehhh, i'm still the one to blame right? i take years to reply to your comments and i'm sorry! life is officially taking it's toll on me. i'm exhausted to the core. there's so much going on right now it's not even funny anymore! who ever told you life is easy totally lied to your face. (lol emo mode on) the wedding planning is at it's final stage but i feel like there's still a million things to think about!! wth..if i knew how COMPLICATED everything would be and if the budget allowed, i would've totally hired a wedding planner from the beginning. i'm a control freak and a perfectionist...and i like my plans to be exactly as how i planned. this wedding planning has taught me that i can't always get my way...when the vendors can't..on to PLAN B. i'm not used to having plan Bs, because my plans have always worked out the way i want them to. it's all good i guess, kinda like a reality check. T__T"

anyways, rant done, on with tons of random pix! (i heard you guys like random stuff)

his parents invited me to a dinner party for the teochew association of Montreal that night. they didn't specify the dress code so i had no idea what to wear. i just picked out a lace skirt, loose t-shirt & a bold shoulder blazer.

fiance went with a suit *yawn*

jk..i really like it when he wears a suit =D

random shopping day. i took the pic in the CM boutique.

OOTD: WF diamond BFF oversized tee, Zara tweed cropped jacket, the one and only TR cuffed shorts (which is slowly dying from too much wear), black opaque tights, JC platforms, Alive not Dead hat (it was raining!).

just a pic to show the hello kittyXf21 that amy bought me =}
too adorable!

F21 dressing room (the door is so pretty) lol

Elsa Peretti full heart earrings...
i love these earrings to death.

yeah i just had to camwhore..

my baby Tatsu ^^

completely spoiled to the bones...my parents spoil him even more than me! wth T___T

Mr. Enigme GM

i just stole them from him for this pic..

me & bestie crashed the boys' night out! lol

some recent buys..well not recent anymore since this post was sitting in the draft folder for some time. i even shopped a few times after this!! lol...will update on new purchases later..

Gypsy "Lili" silk top
buy hiaa: click

Chaser LA "Addicted to Love" tshirt
buy hiaa: click

Chaser LA "Harvard" bf tee
buy hiaa: click

F21 floral tank
(f21 is currently having some tech difficulties..so i can't link you guys)

F21 cropped leopard tee

Club Monaco bf tee..
i think i might have all the colors they ever produced in this tshirt..
(peach shown here)


F21 cropped tee that my sister bought me! ^^

Zara men's Bruce Lee tshirt..
yes it's for me =D i like Bruce Lee..just like my dad and my grandpa..lol

Zara heather jersey blazer
(which i lost recently..wtf i dont even know how..urghh i'm so annoyed!)

i like them together!..can be worn with skinnies, skirt, or shorts..
front of tee must be tucked in. thats how i roll!

F21 armor knuckle ring
which i never wore because i dont know what to pair this with..


yes i needed to show off my Minnie Mouses =D

the little baby one on the left was brought back from California by sweet C. and the biggie on the right, i bought from WDW Florida when i went there in 2007/08.

the end.

thank you for sticking around even if i dont update! xox


ShinyPrettyThings said...

so...I really love TOP. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ♥♥♥

TOPs wifey said...

Team cray cray ftw!!!

C. said...

nice outfits hehe here's a comment for you :P

vivien said...

queenie you are too cute! everything you own is just so adorable :D

heartofpearl ♡ しずか said...

Nice seeing you post again Queenie <3 gorgeous side profile haha I want more pics of you :D

Grace said...

Miss your blog Queenie! Please update it more often!
Can't wait for your next post ^^

kalai said...

cute pics^^ love your first outfir.. well love what i can see. love the heart earrings too~~ good luck with the wedding~~ xx

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

hello Miss.traffic disruption,

I like long's suit. I like your picture from the cm boutique too... I tend to look at girls who dress that way :S Anyhow long's suit has the black part around the collar, I've been looking for something like that! Everybody is the same and so boring so I wanted to change it up.

Kind of random question too but how long does your iphone battery last you per day? I hear people talking about 2 days "light use"... that's nuts I have to charge mind nightly :|

Anonymous said...

please continueeeee to UPDATE. and hope your wedding goes smoothly and planned!(:

mimi said...

awwwww!~ i notice that even though followers go up, the comments don't necessarily go up either ): But I really like commenting on other peoples' blogs so they also reply to your comments and then you get more commenters and it's good (: I love the crop top your sister bought you!!
Goodluck with planning the wedding! I am also a perfectionist and when things don't go my way... I feel really stressed out... you & your boyfriend look like a really good looking couple ^^ I'm sure your wedding will turn out to be perfect <3

ShinyPrettyThings said...

ahjummaaa why u complain when i provide plenty eye-candy for yoooo??? I know u tired frm selling soju all day & night so I be nice & give u sekshi boys to look at. HAHAHAHAHAH see how much maknae ♥ ahjumma?! ^0^

Lisa said...

i love this post :)!!!

you look so amazing in that strong shoulder blazer!!!

heart that ruffled floral forever tank!

Sakura said...

you're so pretty!! :D i like your ootd and those tops you bought are pretty too. :)

p.s. i like it too when my bf wears a suit xD