May 18, 2011

RAGE in my soul

today, i heard the most horrific real life story i ever heard in my life. my mother was talking to an acquaintance (lets call him mr.A) of ours about his daughter. he told us something so twisted i wanted to punch a wall right then and there.

his oldest daughter (13) was born with cleft lip and my mom told him she gets emotional whenever she sees her. she attends high school and he told us she gets bullied and laughed at so much but doesn't dare to cry in front of him. nobody wants to be her friend and all the kids make fun of her. at recess time, the others hang out in groups, yet she stays in the library or goes on the swing by herself with a book in hand. i can't even imagine the pain she has to go through every single day of her life and she's just this young and fragile thing. she can't tell her dad about the hell she lives in because she doesn't wanna make him sad over her matters. she knows he works 2 jobs to feed her and her little sister so she refuses to be the burden for her dad. of course he knows all this, he's her father after all. people think moms know better than dads, thats false...fathers know just as much as moms and they're equally as observant as moms..they just suck at dealing with things. so when he sees his daughter looking at herself in the mirror with sadness in her eyes, he knows what she feels inside her heart and the thoughts in her mind. Mr.A told his story with tears in his eyes but this is not even the worse part. he told us when his daughter came into this world, the nurse handed her to his (now ex)wife. once she saw the newborn's face, she was disgusted and cried and screamed like it was no one's business. the nurse had to snap her back to reality by yelling at her: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? SHE'S YOUR DAUGHTER, NOT A MONSTER!!!" she still remained angry at her baby and kept crying and screaming some more. Mr.A immediately held his precious baby in his arms...not because no one else would, but because no matter what, she's still his daughter and he'll love her under any circumstance. from that day on, he's never looked at his wife the same way again. they're now battling for custody for the kids. he wants to take care of both because she can't do shit and can't act like a proper mother to them...but of course, she only wants the one without defect.

if this woman shows up in front of me, i don't even know what i'm gonna do to her. she makes me so MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but as a buddhist, i believe in Karma and i think she's gonna get just what she deserves...just wait 'til fate hooks her up. how do people like this even freaking exist??? i don't even know. i'm just so angry................urghhhh...

sorry, that was a pretty depressing post...will post more fun stuff later...


KaitLin Kat said...

wtf is wrong with her mind?!? that's HER child! :(
yea, karma will sneak up on here..

Christine said...

urgh some people shouldn't be allowed to breed. the little girl is lucky to have her dad. she deserves to be loved as much as he loves her. i guess the good thing in this story is that the dad realized that his ex-wife was superficial and not suited to be a mother, and took action. i sense he is a good man. :)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

She is terrbile as a person and as a mother. I hope for the 13 yr olds happiness, she's so brave and strong x

grace said...

It's a shame how our world is filled with horrible people like the mom. and kids these days are so corrupted and lack discipline.. its very sad.

I'm very thankful the girl has such a wonderful father..God bless him!! and I hope that girl will grow to be a strong woman.

Anonymous said...

something similar happened to me. i wasnt born the cutest baby. my birthmom didn't really like the way i looked and bailed out on me. sad but you know what, i got over it, i learned to be stronger and not carea bout what she thinks.

Claire M. said...

Shame on her mom!

Claire M.

Anonymous said...

hi queenie, i'm usually a lurker, but i have to comment on this one. I experienced the same thing but for something else. Highschool was hell indeed, c├ęgep was hell as well. I was so conscious about myself that I didn't even dared asking questions in class as I was afraid to have attention...My mom even told me that I was ugly and other kids would make fun of me...But I have got over that now. These people who made fun of me, these person who highly valued beauty, they all ended up being prostitutes or teen moms. I don't think I'm ugly anymore, I have overcome that. I still have issues but I don't think I'm that bad. Over the years, I have become obsessed with it. I am now studying in medicine and it might sound silly but I aim to become a plastic surgeon. Not to help people become more beautiful, but to help people feel good about themselves.

Miss Queenie said...

Kaitlin Kat
Honestly? i have no freaking idea what the hell is wrong with that woman. I’ve seen her a few times and she seemed pretty normal to me. She was a pageant queen and so was her mother so, I guess looks are really THAT important to them. I swear, karma will hit and when it does, it’s gonna hurttt!

If there was a law to ban someone from having kids if they can’t be a proper parent, she’d be the first condemned. Gosh..and yes he is indeed a very good man because when they were still together, he would work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet while she was a “stay-at-home mom”...(which meant, SHOPPING everyday!!) he did all chores at home because he didn’t want to tire her. Those things didn’t even come from his own mouth, witnesses told me. =( men like this are extinct already, but of course, dumbass her, she took everything for granted.

There are no words to describe her really…no child deserves such treatment from anyone, even less her own mother.

I’m sure she’ll grow to be a wonderful woman since she’s been through so much at such a young age. It’s teaching her how to be understanding and appreciative of what she has since she sees what her dad does for her every single day. I’m really not worried about how she’s gonna grow. Her dad is always beside her to encourage and teach her how to be.

Vee said...

This story actually made me cry with sadness for the little girl and how she was treated by the mother, but also from happiness by the dad's part, knowing that there are still decent people with beautiful souls in the world. said...

I saw the x ray and immediately flipped the FUCK out, I was gonna write "ASDKLFJASGLH;ASLDKLFL QUEENIE PREGNANT HASDKLFJAS;DLKFASJDLF;" but it was not true lol.

I didn't know you were buddhist~ a huge majority of hk ppl are buddhist too. And it's quite a respectable religion, when I talk to my caucasian classmates at school even they were like 'if there's one religion i do respect and agree with it would be buddhism'. So cool beans~

-depressing stories like that happen all the time. When I was at a daycare a kid told me about how her parents abused her brother, etc. This world is cruel and you will just have to realize it. ppl do amazingly cruel things

shirrrley said...

Clearly she is not mature enough to raise children if she can barely even handle having children... Such vain people like this make me so disappointed in humans...

Sydney said...

im pretty sure the kid with defect is already a karma for her... she must have done something really bad in her past life. now this is her reputation. she should accept the fact or she doesnt deserve to be called as a mother!
uggghhh >:(

mimi said...

wow that story was so sad!! How could a mother do that?? It's HER child! She was the one who gave birth to her! & that means she has the obligation to love her child no matter what. The father is doing an excellent job raising his kids, even though it might be hard, but at least both children are loved by him~ forget the mom.. she's the monster!

Anonymous said...

"how do people like YOU even freaking exist??? i don't even know."

you believe in karma.. so do i. watch out.

youve got so much enemies so i bet you have no ideas who is behind this comment.. HAHA :)
xox LOve.

Miss Queenie said...

The dad was so emotional and it made everyone teary when he told his story =(
I’m glad she still has he dad who’ll love and care for her no matter what.

LOL stop panicking Kev!!! Inhale, exhale!
I know things like this is probably very common, but it was the first time I was exposed to such cruelty so close to me.. 

I don’t even think the word vain is enough to describe her. At least not everyone’s like her. Thank god.

Well her mother is the same…superficial like she this might already be the starting of karma for them. But it’s the little girl’s who’s suffering, not them, so that makes me sad!!

I guess she didn’t read that part of the mother’s love agreement…such a loser. Kind of ironic that she’s a stay at home, she can’t even take care of her kids. And she doesn’t work or do any household chores..wth. husband works 2 jobs and cooks and cleans and everything.. I’m so ashamed for her, how does she wake up every day as if nothing is wrong?

Honestly? I don’t know why I exist! To make your life miserable, maybe? I have no idea.
Uhh but yeah, I enjoy existing and making you care about my existence. *shrugs*
You’d be surprised; I only have a few haters who’d actually spend time reading and commenting on my old posts. So…yeah..i might know who you are! Watch out…

is it because of my dinosaur tweet this morning, bella? :O or I could be wrong... If you’re not the dino, sorry.